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“There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness” - Mahatma Gandhi

We believe in the ethos: BUY LESS, BUY BETTER.

We believe that there is no such thing as a "green" product but we can do our part to be as sustainable, transparent and conscious as possible. Our designs are striking, investment pieces created with longevity in mind because we encourage you to curate a wardrobe of select, well made pieces you love instead of piles of clothing you will only wear once.

Ethical Fashion Brand, Love Khaos, Participate in Fashion Revolution's I made your clothes campaign.

no Sweatshops + No Child Labor

Ethical production



man working in the studio for Love Khaos ethical fashion brand.
Man sewing sustainable clothing for ethical fashion brand Love Khaos.

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An assortment of Love Khaos festival jackets hanging on a clothing rack.


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Love Khaos and Ekoluxe are 100% carbon neutral fashion brands.

We are officially Carbon Neutral (and potentially Carbon Negative).

We have always prided ourselves in being a sustainable brand because we pay our staff well and uphold ethical practices when it comes to labor and production. When it comes to the environment it’s a lot more challenging because the effects of our choices and actions are not always apparent.

Making a sustainable garment while still maintaining a viable business model and maintaining the highest standards of quality is nearly impossible. The basic fact of the matter is that making clothing is one tiny piece of the pie with regards to the creation of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gasses that lead to climate change. The materials we use are actually just a drop in the bucket. The mining/growing of raw materials, processing, shipping, electricity, manpower, assembly, packaging, etc. is an amazingly complex process. Whether a garment is made from recycled water bottles, organic hemp, pineapple leather or whatever the latest miracle material, the amount of carbon it takes to actually make something in our global economy is bigger than that.

So rather than getting discouraged by this reality we acted. Since 2020 we have invested in VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) carbon offset projects in Indonesia, where our studio is.

We calculated our carbon footprint for scope 1,2 & 3 emissions from BOTH Love Khaos and Ekoluxe to be about 92 mTCO2 and choose to offset 151 mTCO2 in a conscious effort to "round up" just to be safe. We do this because for a couple reasons. First we recognize the entire supply chain goes all the way back to the energy it takes to pull the raw materials, to make some of our fabrics, out of the ground. Second we cannot determine how many times a customer will wash and wear a garment, or what they will do with it once they are done with it. Accurately measuring some of these metrics can be very difficult and we would rather be carbon negative than the alternative.

The Fashion Industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. We feel very strongly that if designers and brands own up to this reality we can make honest and legitimate moves towards fighting climate change.