Festival Catsuits & Bodysuits

Get ready to prowl the party scene with confidence in one of our catsuits. We believe that the right rave bodysuit can be like armor, giving you the courage you need to take on the world with glamour and sex appeal. Our leotards are like a second skin, purrfectly tailored to show off your curves and hug your body in all of the right places. You'll look so good, people will think you have nine lives. Whether you want to slink around in all-black for a mysterious Cat Woman vibe, shimmer and shine in metallic silver, or go full flouro in neon for an electrifying entrance, our bodysuits have got you covered (literally). Nothing makes dancing all night as carefree as a sleek and sexy bodysuit from Love Khaos. Get your paws on one of these bad girls right meow and let the party begin!


      Slay at Your Next Festival

      From the burlesque stages of the 1940s to the runway shows of today's biggest designers, unitards and bodysuits have been a staple in fashion and performance art for decades. These versatile and undeniably alluring pieces have been popularized by style icons and celebrities, making their way into the wardrobes of daring individuals like you, looking to add some excitement and ease to their rave wear. Our rave catsuits are made with mesmerizing holographic fabrics, see-through mesh, animal prints, and reflective paneling. We have added seductive details like sexy cutouts, plunging necklines, and open backs to offer a complexity that's surprisingly still effortless to wear. Perfect for both aerial performers as well as music festivals and raves, these festival bodysuits provide maximum comfort and style allowing you to dance the night away without worrying about your outfit.

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      We offer an eclectic variety of stunning apparel, so shop around. If you’re feeling these rave-ready onesies, you must check out our holographic clothes, casual rave outfits, and reflective festival clothing. Complement your bodysuit with unique festival accessories that tie the whole look together. We ship worldwide, and if you place an order over $250, we’ll ship it for free. Consciously crafted to see you through the dust and the DJ sets, Love Khaos festival catsuits make a statement without leaving a carbon paw print. Treat yourself to a high-end, wearable work of art!


      They are super comfortable! Surprisingly stretchy and soft, think of them as your second skin. You have a full range of motion and freedom of movement as if you were wearing nothing at all. With our bodysuits, you've got the freedom to dance, jump, and strut without feeling restricted. Many of ours come with a zipper that zips all the way around so you don’t even need to get undressed to pee!

      Honestly, what can't you wear with one? These babies are versatile! Since they cover your top and bottom most of the work is already done. Layer them with a stylish jacket, throw on some rad sneakers or platform boots, accessorize with chunky jewelry or a cool belt, and voilà! You're ready to slay. We have a wonderful blog post about rave bodysuit outfit ideas as well, so make sure to check it out for an in-depth style guide on how to rock one at raves.

      Picking the perfect festival catsuit is all about the fit. Consider your body type and what area you’d like to emphasize. For example, to draw attention to your chest opt for a V-neck, or if your back is your best asset go for a backless style to show it off. As with anything else, don't forget to read the fit notes and check the size chart for that flawless fit! Need it customized? Not a problem! We can easily bespoke the inseam for you or edit the fit, just contact us with your measurements! With a rainbow of colors to choose from, make sure to pick ones that make you feel like a superstar.

      Everything and anything! Bodysuits are the ultimate style companions which makes styling them a breeze! Tuck a bodysuit into high-waisted bottoms for a sleek look or layer it under a kimono, women’s sequin jacket, or fishnet bodysuit. Accessorize with chunky belts, statement earrings, or a cool hat to make your bodysuit pop! Mix and match to find your signature style with our rave catsuits. They're your go-to base for turning a women’s festival outfit into a fashion statement.

      Finding the right size bodysuit is key! Make sure to check our size guide for accurate measurements. Consider your torso length, hip size, and bust measurement for that perfect fit. Don’t forget to read the fit notes as each style is made with different materials and construction which may fit a little differently.