Women’s Festival Pants

Festival Bottoms

Introducing our electrifying collection of women's festival bottoms, curated to make your festival style dreams come true. Get ready to ignite the festival scene with a vibrant array of pants and shorts that will help you feel like the hottest version of yourself. Whether that’s two stepping into the festival-wearing cheeky booty shorts or groovy bell bottoms, we’ve got you covered with daring pants and shorts to help create the perfect look. Wearing the pants Love Khaos-style means letting loose, embracing your inner wild child, and dancing like nobody's watching!


      Bottoms Up To Booty Shakin

      With our collection of women’s festival pants, we wanted to put an extra emphasis on creating bottoms that help every woman show up with absolute confidence in the fierce festi-gal she is. Designed to empower and boost your confidence, these bottoms are carefully crafted to flatter every body shape and size. From flirty, hot pants that showcase your legs to curve-hugging, high-waisted shorts, and sporty-chic joggers, we have the perfect bottoms to make your festival outfits pop. Comfort is a priority too, as each pair is made with stretch fabrics that are super dance-the-day-away friendly. As with all Love Khaos creations, our festival wear is ethically handmade with the utmost quality, ensuring you can mix and match our pieces for endless style reinvention at every rave and festival.

      The Hottest Bottoms Around

      Of course, your festival and rave looks can’t be complete with festival bottoms alone. Lucky for you, all of our women’s festival pants were designed with a complete outfit in mind. Or rather, several possibilities for many epic outfits. You can mix and match these bottoms with all sorts of other Love Khaos pieces. Start with a browse through our women’s festival tops to get the perfect base. And once you have it, level up the look by adding layers from our festival accessories. Or, if you want a layer that adds some function as well as style, opt for something from our amazing collection of women’s festival jackets. You can't go wrong with vibrant & versatile festival clothing from Love Khaos.