Rainbow Rave Outfits

Embrace the magic of self-expression with this epic collection of rainbow rave clothes. We made this collection with the vibrant hues of ROYGBIV because let’s face it: there is no reason your festival fashion shouldn’t be just as colorful as you are! From our “techno-color” holographic rainbow shorts to a fan-favorite rainbow jacket that’ll have you shakin’ your tail feathers all night long, prepare to make festival grounds your canvas in these rainbow rave outfits. Each colorful piece you’ll find here was designed specially to ignite your spirit and celebrate your uniqueness at your next rave or festival.


      Let Your True Colors Shine

      They say “nothing is really that black and white,” and we think this is especially true of your multi-colored soul! There is no better place to show your true colors than the dance floor, so we made it easy with festival costumes, even for those of you loyal to the all-black-everything ‘fits. Just throw on a rainbow tank top with those trusty rainbow leggings and all of a sudden, you’re radiating across the color spectrum! This rainbow rave outfit collection is gonna come in handy if you’re looking for a pride outfit that shines as brightly as you do. Wrap yourself in the vibrant hues of the LGBTQ+ flag and paint the world with the colors of love! And by the way… these are carefully made, high-quality garments meant to last long after June 30th. So rep your rainbow clothing on pride month, and continue wearing your pride on your sleeve all year round.

      Taste the Rainbow

      By shopping our collection, you not only embrace your unique style but also a commitment to more conscious festival wear. These rainbow rave clothes weave a tapestry of love for both the planet and the awesome people who will adorn them. We believe that responsible design and radical self expression can go hand-in-hand to build a more sustainable relationship with festival-wear. Rainbows may be fleeting, but our clothing will keep you shining all day long! To create the perfect rainbow rave outfit, try mix-and-matching these statement pieces with staples from our Meshing Around collection. Or dial up the saturation with some cool holographic clothes from the Liquid Rainbows collection. However you choose to style yourself, we're thrilled to witness the magic unfold as you wear Love Khaos and paint the town rainbow.