Mardi Gras Costumes

In honor of the vibrant spirit captured in Mardi Gras clothes, we’ve worked a little magic to bring you this golden ticket to Carnival bliss. Consider it something of a sartorial symphony that syncs seamlessly with the vibrant chaos of the festivities. Here you’ll find some of our favorite pieces to incorporate into your Mardi Gras apparel this year. Whichever of these statement pieces calls your name can help elevate your outfit to the glorious, maximalist standard of Mardi Gras clothes. As always, everyone’s invited. So, check out our array of ethically-made garments for queens, kings, and all royalty of the revelry! Whether you're marching in the parade route or dancing through the French Quarter, Love Khaos has your back. Dig in, friends.👇


      An Ode to the Purple, Green, and Gold! 💜💚💛

      We like to think this Mardi Gras collection can help both tap into your own self-expression and align with the fabulous ethos of the holiday. It can be the ultimate starter pack if you’re looking for a good jumping-off point for Mardi Gras costumes. Take these pieces, and get creative—mix, match, and layer—these threads are the building blocks of your Mardi Gras apparel magic. It’s important to us that you connect with what you buy at Love Khaos and find ways to incorporate these pieces into your greater party wardrobe. On that note, know that when you purchase our Mardi Gras clothes and all our other rave wear every stitch is made with love, and we're donating 2% of our profits back, supporting social and environmental charities that make the world a better place.

      Beyond the Beads: Your Mardi Gras Magic

      Embrace the spirit of New Orleans with sequins that shimmer like the Mississippi River and colors as bold as the beats in the streets. And if you need a little extra help styling your outfit that says Mardi Gras just as much as it feels like you, we put together this Mardi Gras Fashion Guide. It’ll give you the real down low on Mardi Gras clothes and how to make sense of the beautiful madness of it all. Once you’re all caught up, check out our men’s festival clothing and women’s festival outfits. Those will direct you to a riot of festival costumes and unique party outfits that will help complete your looks and keep you dancing from one celebration to the next. Let the good times roll, and may your Mardi Gras be as fabulous as your outfit!