Stage Costumes for Film, TV, and Theater

Designed with actors and stylists in mind, our collection of performance and acting costumes is tailor-made for those seeking to dress a cast or create unforgettable characters. From period pieces to contemporary couture, Love Khaos offers a diverse assortment that caters to the unique vision of any production. In a selection of acting costumes carefully created to bring stories to life, welcome to our most cinematic collection yet.


      Lights, Camera, Perfect Costumes… Action!

      When you’re working on a film, television, or theater production, you have a role in the dynamic art of creating a world. From the script to the cast to the set, the details bring that world to life—costume is no exception. It can help tell a story, set a mood, and define a character. As lovers of film, TV, and theater, we believe it is possible to create amazing entertainment in a sustainable and ethical way. But often prop costumes can become sort of a roadblock in accomplishing that. That’s where we come in. No need to jump through hoops or order questionable acting costumes from the ether of the internet. Love Khaos will carefully hand-make every single garment ensuring impeccable quality and attention to detail. Reflecting our commitment to sustainability, every costume is carbon neutral, enabling you to dress your cast with a clear conscience. Furthermore, we dedicate a minimum of 2% of our profits to social and environmental charities, ensuring our business practices align with our values.

      Crafting Characters, One Costume at a Time

      Whether it’s over-the-top prop costumes or realistic acting costumes, the attention to detail and quality craft you’ll find here will set your production apart. We understand the transformative power of the perfect fit. With each garment handmade to order, we take immense pride in offering custom measurement options, ensuring a second-skin experience that allows actors to truly slip into character. To continue exploring stage costumes, we encourage you to take a look at our Entertainer Outfits collection. You’ll find Circus Aerialist costumes, Stage Wear for Musicians, and Burlesque costumes. Mix and match to create the perfect look for every scene, or for dabbling across performance genres. Plus, because your vision is unique and important, don't forget to explore our Custom Outfits or use the contact form below. We’d be happy to work with you on truly bespoke items tailored to your production's specific needs. We can’t wait to have a hand in helping your characters shine and your stories unfold.

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