This collection of holographic festival outfits is so holographic it literally stops traffic. Step into a world of effortless maximalism with our holographic women's clothes, men’s outfits, and gender-fluid clothing. Shimmer, shine, and radiate a rainbow of colors with these perfectly prismatic pieces straight out of a futuristic, sci-fi flick. Ethically made from breathable, lightweight, and super stretchy nylon fabric, these easy-breezy pieces are an absolute pleasure to wear. Wherever life takes you—from the red carpet to a rave— Love Khaos keeps you looking and feeling like the rockstar you are!


      Hypnotic From Every Angle

      Dial up the saturation in our holographic clothes. From every angle, your body comes alive with super holographalicious magic that’s constantly morphing and shifting to add visual excitement to your every movement. Turn heads on the dancefloor. Rock the photoshoot filter-free. Get matching outfits for all your friends and be the flashiest rave family ever. Bring your fashion fantasies to life with these stellar new holographic festival outfits.

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      Our festival costumes and apparel are not only breathtakingly beautiful, they’re also lovingly made to our perfectionist quality standards. That’s not the only reason to shop at Love Khaos. Like everything we make, these holographic clothes are responsibly made the slow fashion way. We focus on sustainability and ethical business practices so you can focus on looking fierce. After putting together the holographic festival outfit of your dreams, check out the rest of our pieces—you can find similar vibes in our Festival Casual and Photobomber Reflective collections.