Unisex Festival & Rave Accessories

Fashion is a limitless form of self-expression, so why should clothes be limited to gender norms? We design unisex accessories that you can manipulate and use to empower yourself daily. Looking for wearable art to give your festival or rave outfit a little extra edge? You’ve come to the right place! With infatuating textures, intriguing designs, and interesting materials, like leather, feathers, studs, and more, this edgy collection has it all.


      Build Your Dream Aesthetic

      At the intersection of clothing and costumes is where you’ll find Love Khaos boldly treading the line. Whether you’re feeling the bass at Glastonbury or giving love to the cameras at a red carpet event, our festival and rave accessories turn your most extravagant fashion fantasies into reality. Some of our favorite unisex styles are the leather harness with the body chain jewelry, fingerless leather gloves, studded leather cuffs with a stash pocket, and a feather collar. Our gender-inclusive festival accessories are perfect for music festival outfits, Coachella outfits, and Burning Man costumes.

      Besides their glamorous looks, these accessories are responsibly made to the Love Khaos quality standard. Our designs are meant to be part of your capsule wardrobe. Be ready for any special event that comes your way, or rock these accessories anytime you’re feeling extra fierce.

      Shop Gender-Fluid Apparel

      Our unisex accessories will add some spice to any look, but they really pop when combined with our flashy gender-fluid clothing. We have everything you need to put together a head-turning outfit, including rave tops, gender-neutral shorts & pants, rave jackets, and even unisex jumpsuits. For some phenomenal deals on Love Khaos rave accessories, check out our gender-fluid sale. Trying to nail a specific look? Feel free to hit us up about custom rave outfits. If you’re going to get dressed up to the nines, don’t sell yourself short. Little details can make a big impact. Shop ethically made accessories, and love your look from head to toe!