How to Care for your Clothes


Properly caring for your garments ensures they last longer for you to enjoy them, it keeps waste out of landfills and conserves natural resources. Over-washing creates extra wear & tear on all garments. Sometimes all you need is a good dust off or bit of a spot clean.
See our recommendations below for keeping your Love Khaos pieces in pristine condition.


Can be hand washed in cold water with gentle care detergents, like those meant for wool and silk (like Woolite), and hung to dry.

Do NOT machine wash, soak, bleach, iron, tumble dry, or dry clean. Try to wash as infrequently as possible.

Lycras Specifically - avoid rough surfaces or excessive friction


We recommend using a professional leather cleaning service.


Wipe clean when possible otherwise hand or machine wash on gentle with cold water, and hang to dry. Do not wring or squeeze tightly.

Photobomber fabrics: keep oily liquids away from them if at all possible. The reflective fabric has a coating of minuscule glass beads, these make oily substances hard to remove once they touch the fabric. The good news is that it will have no effect on the reflective glow so you can continue photobombing and shining on all of your adventures regardless how messy you are ;).


Unless you are using stardust and unicorn blood these are next to impossible to clean. Just kidding (kind of), there are a couple things you can do.

You can blow dust out with compressed air. Do it in small bursts starting at the top edge of the feather (the side with the quill).

Do not under any circumstances use water to clean black feathers.

If they are smashed or pointing in a bunch of directions they aren't supposed to you can use a clothing steamer or steam from a pot of boiling water to bring them back to life. Apply steam to the feathers in small bursts until they relax into their original form.


So you went to the burn (or a dusty festival), had the time of your life and now all of your stuff is dusty and you’re not sure what to do to clean it. No worries: we got you.


Use an air compressor (with pressurized air, like you use to fill tires) and blow the dust out of your stuff the same way it blew into it. As you see in this video you can even blow dust out of your feather pieces. Use air CAREFULLY in small short bursts going with the length of the feather (from top to bottom) or you will mangle them. This works well for fur, suede and sequins as well.


This depends on the piece ...

  • SPANDEX AND SEQUINS - Hand wash in cold water with woolite (or another gentle detergent) and white vinegar. Hang to dry. DO NOT DRY CLEAN SEQUINS or SPANDEX!!

  • LEATHER - should be cleaned by professional leather cleaners, some leather (like shoes) can be cleaned with baby wipes soaked in vinegar - use your best judgement or send us a message with questions if you’re not sure.

  • FEATHERS - don’t get feathers wet, especially black or colored ones, if they are smashed or angry looking you can use a steamer or steam from a pot of boiling water to bring them back to life.

  • SEQUIN TOP HATS - wipe down with vinegar soaked baby wipes

  • FAUX FUR - Hand wash or machine wash cold on gentle and hang to dry