PSA: This is not your average fabric! Our reflective rave outfits are designed to catch direct light and reflect it back, creating a bright, mesmerizing effect that will light up the room or photobomb any picture. Be prepared to have all eyes on you with our reflective festival collection. As the lights flash and the music pumps, your reflective outfit will come to life, illuminating your every move and making you stand out in the crowd. This collection includes a wide range of pieces that are perfect for any rave or music festival. From reflective bodysuits and crop tops to reflective shorts and jackets, we've got everything you need to create the ultimate reflective rave outfit that will demand attention and dial up the wow factor.


      Get the Glow

      Express yourself with our unique collection of reflective clothing for festival events and all-night ragers. But that's not all our reflective rave clothing is good for, the hi-vis feature of this high-tech fabric makes it an ideal choice for safe cycling too. Perfect for those chilly autumn festival nights, we've got you covered with our reflective jackets. Available in a range of styles, including photo-bomber jackets, these anti-paparazzi jackets will keep you visible and stylish all night long. Plus, they're lightweight and easy to pack, making them an essential item for any music festival or rave. Try on our reflective tank top paired with reflective rave shorts for a full head-to-toe cyberpunk fashion aesthetic. At Love Khaos, we believe in quality over quantity. That's why we only create limited editions with intriguing designs, provocative cuts, and impeccable attention to detail. But it's not just about fashion, we also care about our social impact. Our clothing is ethically made, so you can feel fabulous about looking fabulous. With our reflective rave wear, you can make a statement while also making a positive impact.

      Reflect Your Inner Light

      If you’re feeling these looks, be sure to check out our Liquid Rainbows and Festival Casual collections for more luxurious, larger-than-life apparel. Need a special size or color? We love creating custom rave outfits for our amazing Love Khaos family! We even ship our reflective rave clothing worldwide. Discover your ultimate reflective rave outfit, and don’t forget to pick up a little something extra to slip into for the after-party. Shop this selection today and glow with high-performance dancewear that shines and moves with you.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Reflective fabric is a type of material designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. It works by using tiny glass or plastic beads or micro-prisms that are embedded on the fabric's surface. This unique material works its magic through a phenomenon called retroreflection. When any light source, whether it's the glow from festival stage lights or headlights from passing cars, hits the surface of this fabric, it doesn't just absorb the light like ordinary materials. Instead, it makes the light bounce right back, almost like it's saying, "Hey, look at me!" This retroreflective property ensures that you'll be noticed even in the darkest of festival nights. It's no wonder that this fabric is a top choice for festival-goers, cyclists, joggers, and those working in low-light conditions. With our reflective rave clothing, you're not just another star of the show; you're the beacon of style and safety!

      Cyberpunk is a really fun aesthetic to experiment with for your rave look. The energy of the trend tends to vibe naturally with the exciting environment of a rave as you dance your way into the electronic rhythm of it all. 

      You’ll want to start with edgy and futuristic materials like metallics, reflective rave clothing, holographics, and vinyl for that dystopian, high-tech vibe. Another fun way to play up cyberpunk is to Incorporate bold geometric patterns like sharp angles and circuit-inspired designs into your outfit.

      Layering is key here; try combining a sleek bodysuit with asymmetrical pieces. We also love pairing meggings with a studded leather harness and a sleeveless duster. Accessorize with futuristic sunglasses, LED gear, fingerless gloves, and geometric jewelry. Or, start with a reflective rave outfit, and toss on neon accents and glowing details to complete your cyberpunk transformation. Your look is going to merge the rebellious spirit of cyberpunk with the high-energy electronic music for an unforgettable, futuristic fashion statement in reflective festival clothing.

      Yes, of course you can wear leggings to a festival! And they’re great for dancing as long as you’re reaching for leggings constructed with high quality, stretchy fabrics. They can make a good base for a reflective rave outfit or make a statement with bold colors and patterns.

      Oh and gentlemen, this goes for you: trust us, leggings at a festival are a man’s best friend. If you want to turn some heads, our collection of meggings is such a fun way to tackle your festival outfit. And of course, we have some mind bending holographic & reflective options to act as the perfect base for a head to toe reflective rave outfit.