Love Khaos Quality Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being a high quality clothing brand. All of our clothing is legitimately built to last, and while the reality is that even quality items have a practical lifespan if it came from us and it's not made properly we promise to make it right. That said we stitch care instructions into your clothes for a reason. Please do what they say. Don’t put sequins or spandex in the washing machine, embrace hand washing delicate pieces, don't iron spandex, use common sense & don’t take the piss. This isn’t a free clothes policy.

What do you mean by Quality Guaranteed?

We mean that the clothing we make is crafted using fabrics, techniques, and a level of professionalism that is designed to last for many wears on all of your adventures both internationally and from bed to couch and back. Every product has a natural lifetime, but — laundry accidents aside — if our product doesn’t reasonably hold up, we’ll fix it or replace it for you.

What is a product lifetime?

Our products are made to last. But as any Secret Garden Party festival-goer will tell you, most things can’t last forever. Normal wear and tear itself is part of a clothing’s lifecycle — not to mention how much we love the aesthetics and feel of a well-worn piece of clothing. Still, we set guidelines for how long you can expect ours to hold up, so you know what’s realistic.

Can I return products forever for free refunds?

Cute, nice try. We have a return policy & you CAN return unworn clothing. But if you purchased something with a manufacturing defect, you can bring it back at any time.

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I put my leggings in the washing machine and now they're not shiny - your fault or mine?

Yours, babe. We’ll always do our best to take care of you. But we humbly ask that you follow the care instructions on each of your Love Khaos items. 

I bought this Jacket two weeks ago and the pocket ripped – this one can’t be my fault?

You’re not wrong — that sounds like a manufacturing flaw. Contact our Quality Guaranteed team. They’ll get you sorted with a repair or replacement.

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How much will a repair cost me?

If it’s on us, it’s on us. 100%. In certain circumstances we may choose to replace the product instead of repairing it. In which case, congrats.

If a repair is needed due to natural wear and tear or an incident, you may be responsible for the cost of the repair.

Who will pay for my shipping?

Shipping for repairs, returns, and exchanges that are covered under our quality guarantee are covered by Love Khaos.

Will Love Khaos always repair or replace my products?

We will always repair or replace any item (purchased from us or an authorized retailer) whose quality has been compromised by a manufacturing defect or flaw. If care instructions haven’t been properly followed, or a garment experiences excessive love, we can’t promise we’ll be able to repair or replace it. But we’ll try. Contact our Quality Guaranteed team if you think something you purchased qualifies.

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Hurry up and give me my replacement!

Once we have received your damaged products – any repair, replacement or exchange will take approximately three to four weeks. Repairs covered by our quality guarantee are free of charge to you. For all other products, repair costs will vary depending on the materials and length of time needed, but we will always make sure it’s reasonable. Send it in, we’ll take a look and give you a call.