Tight and Bright: Neon Rave Outfits

Does anything scream “rave” quite like neon spandex does? Yeah, we didn’t think so either. If you're all about getting your rave on with maximum comfort and killer style, our epic lineup of neon rave outfits will be your partner in crime. Our vibrant, handcrafted neon pieces, available in various styles for ravers of all kinds, are carefully designed to provide you with unrestricted freedom on the dance floor, letting you dance like there's no tomorrow.


      Glow With the Flow: Neon Rave Clothes That'll Light Up Your Night!

      To make the magic of epic rave style + dance-all-day comfort happen, we enlisted the help of a stretchy, breathable spandex material. We love it because It effortlessly complements the rhythm of your moves and flatters all body types. But the truth is, the real magic is in the glow. The majority of these fabrics are UV-responsive and adorned with reflective panels. If you’re no stranger to wearing bold neon colors or neon rave outfits you're likely familiar with their mesmerizing effects under blacklights, where neons truly come to life! Rest assured, you'll be the shining star of the dance floor.

      Neon Fun for Everyone

      Everybody’s invited to this neon rave party! From meggings to catsuits and neon booty shorts, we’ve hooked you up with a wide variety of different neon rave clothes for all genders, and pieces that cater to a range of sizes. In fact, we love designing custom rave outfits, so that we can get that fit and style just right for your unique body and style preferences. But that's not all that makes our collection so special. We care about the planet and everyone on it. We hand-make each piece with love in small batches, offset 100% of our carbon footprint, and donate a minimum of 2% of our profits to social and environmental charities. It’s not every day you can rock rave-wear knowing you're supporting sustainable, slow fashion. This is actually true of everything we make. So once you’ve selected your fav piece from our Tight and Bright collection, mix and match it with pieces across the site to create the perfect neon rave outfit. We’d start by finding a layer from our men’s festival jackets and women’s festival jacket collections and don’t forget to top it off with the perfect rave accessories.