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Entertainers, you have the incredible job of bringing stories to life, pushing our perceptions of the everyday, and offering much-needed moments of joy. We’re here to support you in that—to create stage clothes and entertainer outfits that help you look and feel absolutely amazing on stage. Whether you're a performer or a costume designer, our Shop by Entertainment collections can act as your gateway to a world of expression. With our personal touch, options for bringing your vision to life are endless. And rest assured, we do it with love. Love Khaos is committed to ethical practices, balancing purpose and profit to provide you with sustainably crafted fashion choices. Below you’ll find curated collections of entertainer outfits by discipline, including thoughtful pages crafted for Burlesque, Film/TV/Theater, Circus, and Music performers.

Showgirls & Burlesque: Sizzle in Style

This collection is all about the sparkle behind a showgirl’s shine. It’s tastefully sexy and refreshingly unique in the world of burlesque stage clothes. The idea here is to highlight your persona through vivacious, well-made burlesque costumes that support your vision and your craft. From glamorous sequins to eye-catching leather accessories, our burlesque clothes for entertainers are guaranteed to skyrocket your confidence and captivate crowds.

woman wearing a burlesque costume from Love Khaos
Leather Harness Fringe Dress by Love Khaos
Tyra Banks in an acting costume from Love Khaos
mens green snakeskin leggings from Love Khaos
Film, TV & Theatre: Dress the Part

Dressing a character or an entire cast? Look no further. Because this vertical of costuming is particularly dependent on the project itself, Love Khaos offers both direct-to-consumer and wholesale stage clothes options, ensuring seamless costume coordination for the production. Need something tailor-made? Our skilled team of artisans have the ability to meticulously realize any creative vision, crafting authentic acting costumes that breathe life into every character and world you envision.

The Circus & Aerialist Industry: Soar Higher

Experience the perfect synergy of comfort and captivating flair with our thoughtfully curated costumes for circus performers and aerialists. We understand that your art form demands a unique blend of flexibility, functionality, and mesmerizing showmanship that sets it apart from conventional entertainer outfits. From vibrant leotards to prismatic meggings, elevate your act with pieces intentionally designed to dazzle audiences and keep you looking and feeling your best while you’re working your magic.

man wearing an acrobat outfit from Love Khaos
Holographic Black and Gold Festival Bodysuit From Love Khaos
musician wearing stage wear from Love Khaos
Greensky Bluegrass wearing stage wear from Love Khaos
Musician Attire: Rock the Spotlight

Live music has the potential to take a song and create a world. As you orchestrate an unforgettable evening that unites souls through the transcendent power of music, your outfit assumes a pivotal role, igniting the atmosphere with its magnetic presence and amplifying the immersive euphoria. From glam rock to futuristic or avant-garde, Love Khaos creates clothes for entertainers in the music industry that ensure you steal the show. When you let your most radical style take center stage, it signals to your audience the permission to leave the status quo at the door. To go with the rhythm, engage, and be wowed. This is exactly what our collection of bold and boundary-pushing stage wear for musicians is designed to do.

Custom Orders

When it comes to stage clothes, we know that every project is unique, so we also offer custom designs tailored to your vision. Feel free to reach out to us directly, and let's bring your ideas to life! Or, if you're in Los Angeles, come over! Pay a visit to our showroom where, by appointment, you can explore our annually rotating selection of pieces in person, ensuring you find the perfect look for your next gig.

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