From the club to the couch, our casual rave outfits deliver the larger-than-life look you only get from Love Khaos. Festival weekend vacation or staycation? For beyond your beloved sofa where casual comfort meets unforgettable dancefloor moments – that’s where you'll find our casual festival outfits. Designed for professional loungers and people who like to get lost in the music, we've put ease back in style with these new matching sets. Each piece is effortlessly cool, comfy, and ethically crafted from the highest quality materials. Extra extravagant yet always refined, our one-of-a-kind comfy rave outfits let you express yourself like never before.


      Laidback Extravagance

      We brought tailoring classics to festival-inspired loungewear so you can be fabulous from the couch to the street. Unique cuts, magical fabrics, and impeccable attention to detail, our casual festival outfits and rave separates collection has it all! Shimmer, sparkle, and shine beneath the lasers in your holographic, comfy rave outfit. When the sun rises, snuggle up in a velvet onesie until it’s time to do it all over again. We’re here to help you create your dream aesthetic, whether that’s sleek and sexy or bold and beautiful. While there are many ways to get a festival look, we're confident our casual rave outfits are by far the most comfortable way to achieve it. Be prepared to fall in love with our luxury-quality rave outfits that are durable enough for even your wildest weekends and craziest parties

      Channel Your Inner Sparkle

      Reminder: getting dressed should be fun! It doesn’t matter If you’re raving or relaxing, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be fabulous AF. What makes it even more fabulous is that our casual rave outfits are sustainably made so you can feel phenomenal about rocking slow fashion rave wear that fits your values. After exploring this collection, take a peek at the others. Our Liquid Rainbows and Photobomber Reflective collections feature some similar styles, and we can even create custom rave outfits just for you. We ship globally so you can flaunt our rave outfits worldwide. Are you feeling it? Time to suit up ;)


      First of all, we absolutely love this question! Preparing yourself to be as comfortable as possible with all your rave and festival fashion is so important to ensure the best time.  As far as clothing accessories go, layers are great for style and comfort in a variety of conditions. For a cool, rave-friendly touch on this, check out this amazing Hoodie Scarf and easy breezy kimonos.

      In terms of spicing things up with festival accessories without compromising any comfort, check out our popular gloves and festival bags for a touch of edge. Maybe you level up your casual, simple rave outfit just by adding a show-stopping custom rave hat. Finally, for something easy and impactful, throw on some bright and colorful LED jewelry. It’s a secret ingredient that turns any casual rave outfit into clothing that rises above and catches the eye.

      Daytime raves can be a fun opportunity to experiment with your casual festival outfits and play with holographics and interesting patterns. But as is always the case for styling a casual rave outfit, you also want to make sure you’ll be comfortable dancing for hours in whatever you choose to wear. Rest assured: even a casual, simple rave outfit can make a statement when you wear it with confidence. 

      For outdoor raves, consider the weather— particularly rain or extreme heat and high UV.  A good recipe is to start with a base of something cool (tanks,  crop tops,shorts, etc.) add light, easy-to-carry layers, comfortable shoes, and accessories. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and bring a refillable water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated!

      Any way you want to express yourself is welcome in a festival environment, but there are a few things we recommend steering clear of for comfort purposes. 

      As a basic rule for festival attire, if something feels uncomfortable when you try it on at home, expect it to be twice as bothersome during long days and nights dancing on your feet. We caution festival friends against wearing uncomfortable shoes like high heels or toting around any excess weight (leave big purses at home!). 

      We’re not saying you always have to wear comfy rave outfits but a festival also probably isn’t the best place for your fancy cocktail dress (though we’re sure you look fab). Instead, go with something that will withstand the elements and chaotic good of the festival journey. You might be surprised by how a casual festival outfit can show you the best time. We’ve also got your back with a bunch of options for dressing to the nines in unique party outfits that are a bit better fit for the occasion. Don't miss our sexy going-out outfits or men’s holographic jackets as well, they are guaranteed to bridge the gap between fancy and festival on days you're not feeling a casual rave outfit!