Unisex Tank Tops

We understand that gender-free fashion is a lifestyle, not just a fashion statement. We believe that personal style is the greatest form of self-expression and that gender shouldn't be the deciding factor in that. That’s why we’ve designed a collection of unisex tops with neutral designs. Unlike most gender-neutral fashion out there, our gender-fluid clothing is unique, exciting, and glamorous — just like the amazing humans who wear it! Whether you're rocking the dance floor at a festival or expressing yourself in everyday life, our unisex tank tops empower you to embrace your true identity with confidence and flair.


      Love Your Look

      You decide how you show up in this world, and we want to be your ally in that endeavor. At Love Khaos, we embrace your masculine, your feminine, and your-everything-in-between in an inclusive approach to breaking fashion rules and gender norms. Our gender-neutral tops are perfect for parties, festivals, and any event that calls for big, bold looks, but why stop there? When the mood hits, our clothing lets you create limitless looks for any and every occasion. Ethically made to our sky-high quality standards, these genderless shirts and vests are super durable and meant to be treasured for years. Our commitment to sustainable fashion means you can dance the night away in unisex tank tops that align with your values. Holographic materials, leather fringe, exotic feathers, and other features make Love Khaos tops wearable art that feels as incredible as it looks. Each piece in this collection is handmade with care by us, ensuring quality and love in every stitch. And beyond just avoiding harm, Love Khaos gives back, with a minimum of 2% of profits from every purchase supporting important social and environmental causes.

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      We have everything you need to put together a flashy, non-binary wardrobe. Complement your favorite tank tops with gender-neutral shorts & pants, rave jackets, and unisex accessories. Or, rock an androgynous jumpsuit whenever you’re in the mood for something effortlessly cool and casual. For great deals on unisex tops and other Love Khaos apparel, check out our gender-fluid sales! Bored of boring? It’s time to add some sparkle and shine to your life! Discover high-end rave wear that fits your non-binary lifestyle.