Your home for all things festi and meshy! Whether you’re just looking to mesh around a bit or get all meshed up, we made you a mesh festival outfit that will make you feel super hot while keeping you cool. For this hand-made, high quality collection, we got creative paneling different fishnet fabrics to create something totally unique. Essentially, these looks are here to meet you wherever you find yourself on the meshiness scale. For those of you looking for the perfect mesh 2 piece rave outfit set… we’ve got you. Hoping to level up your look with the perfect mesh rave pants? You’re gonna love it here. And that’s just the beginning. Explore the festival costumes below to embrace the meshy moments in life and find your perfect fit!


      Mesh to Impress this Festival Season

      There are many reasons to reach for a mesh rave outfit for your next show. First of all, we are looking at a HOT season ahead. Our “Meshing Around” pieces are here to keep you nice and cool through those sweltering festival days, packed crowds, and even the most mesh-chievous moments. Not to mention… this collection translates really well to streetwear! The range of versatile women’s festival outfits, men’s festival clothing, and gender-fluid mesh clothing is designed to be styled in a variety of ways that can take you from the street to the show and back again. Shop the “Meshing Around” collection for raves, festivals, and everything in between.

      Unleash Your Inner Mesh-terpiece

      Make no mesh-take: like all of our products, everything in this collection is ethically handmade. That’s because we always aim to make festival and rave-wear that you can actually feel good about buying! That means not only are these mesh rave outfits made with care, but we put quality first so they can continue to live and last. We like to imagine they’ll be with you through many happy moments and meshy memories! Cause let’s be honest, when it comes to rave and festival wear, a black mesh outfit will never not be cool. These pieces have all the potential to create epic mesh festival outfits for years to come. Try throwing them over something from our Liquid Rainbows Collection to add a bit of color and shine. Or incorporate a statement piece from the Animal Print Rave Outfits collection to bring out your wild side. You’ll be turning heads on festival grounds and in rave caves before you know it.