Stage Wear For Musicians

Cue the lights, because we've unleashed a line of stage wear for musicians decked out in sequins, holographics, leather, and studs for a glam rock spectacle that would make Ziggy Stardust jealous. But what really sets these threads apart is that they crank the extravagant style all the way up to 11, while still delivering studio-quality sound when it comes to craftsmanship. Yeah, these looks are dramatic and alluring enough to make Mick and Keith do a double-take. But rather than rockstar costumes, we're talking high-voltage stage wear for rock musicians built to withstand the most incendiary performances. So, get ready to look as insane as you play, because when you hit the stage in this gear, you're gonna blow the roof off the joint!


      It’s Only Rock and Roll, but We LOVE It

      Musicians, your tunes are your art, but when you step onto that stage, you're inviting the audience into your world. And we believe that nailing the aesthetics can amplify a night from just another gig to an unforgettable, transcendent experience. It’s no wonder music has such potential to foster a sense of togetherness. We want to take that beyond the venues, so all of our stage wear is ethically handmade with the utmost care and is completely carbon neutral. And to take it just one note higher, we’re committed to dedicating a minimum of 2% of our profits to social and environmental charities. So here’s the deal: you rock on and look fabulous, and we’ll make sure that our impact beyond the stage is a positive one.

      A Star is Born (& It’s Wearing Love Khaos)

      As much as this collection absolutely rocks, we also know that art and performance are extremely personal things. That’s what makes it so impactful! So keep in mind, you can always elevate your stage presence with Love Khaos' bespoke stage wear for rock musicians, tailored to your individual style and measurements. Our Custom Orders page offers the ability to chat with our designers and collaborate on bringing your vision to life, whether that means rebellious glam, classic leathers, or anything your heart of glass might desire. By the way, for entertainers outside boxes, we have a lot more performance costumes where this came from. On our Stage Clothes collection, find collections for Burlesque Costumes, Circus & Aerialists Costumes, and Film/TV/Theatre Acting Costumes. However you take the stage, we’re here to be your cool stage mom, decking you out in threads that'll have the whole crowd worshiping at the altar of your stardom

      Like what you see but want something custom?

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