Custom Rave Outfits

Bring your wildest festival fashion fantasies to life and immerse yourself in the experience of creating a custom festival outfit that is unique to you. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and durability so your festival costumes will survive even the wildest parties and most epic festival adventures for years to come. We understand one size doesn’t fit all and invite you to modify our existing apparel for a perfect fit, or collaborate with our design team to realize your unique vision. Whether you need a costume or custom creation for a special event, or you’re simply between sizes, our bespoke clothing is made to measure for any occasion and body.


      What Dreams are Made of

      At Love Khaos, we understand that special occasions are significantly enhanced by the perfect outfit. The right garment can leave a lasting impression and make all the difference in how you feel. Our goal is to help you feel confident, fabulous, and ready to take on the world. If it’s a custom rave outfit for a festival or a sequin tuxedo for your wedding, we are experienced in creating statement occasion pieces crafted with a luxurious sensibility and rebellious twist. It’s not our first rodeo either, our bespoke clothing has graced the red carpet, appeared in countless editorials, music videos, and been worn at events across the globe. You’re in good hands with our team of expert designers and tailors. You can rest assured that everything produced in our atelier has been ethically and meticulously handcrafted with the greatest attention to detail. We use only the highest quality materials and work with our customers every step of the way.

      Stand Out in the Crowd

      Experience peace of mind when you order your custom festival outfit from Love Khaos. With free worldwide shipping and our quality guarantee, you can confidently rock your one-of-a-kind look knowing we have you covered. No need to stress about any unexpected hiccups because we've got your back. Our bespoke designs cater to every aesthetic and desire, allowing you to create the look of your dreams. We have everything you need to put together jaw-dropping custom rave outfits, so dive in and shop around. Explore our holographic clothes, casual rave outfits, and reflective festival clothing for party-ready fashion. Shop now and indulge in the exhilarating sensation of owning a one-of-a-kind ensemble that sets you apart from the rest.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Like with all festival goers, the answer is going to be totally different from person to person. Wear whatever you’re comfortable with. Fashion has no age, and for older folks looking for a space to express themselves through wild clothes, festivals are typically super accepting spaces that provide the perfect opportunity to do so. 

      That said, if you see an outfit that inspires you but you’re not ready to take the leap, we love making alterations, adjustments, and custom festival outfits to help our older friends feel comfortable and confident in their rave attire! Just say the words.

      Embrace your personal style in the most you way possible, and turn heads in the clothes that make you feel sexy! 

      That said, we know plus size shopping can present its unique challenges. Rest assured, nearly all of the fabulous pieces you see across the Love Khaos website are available for you, plus-size Queens and Kings. In fact, we custom-make most items upon order. So not only can we make them in large sizes, but we can create a bespoke version tailor-made to our customers’ measurements so it fits perfectly on each beautifully unique body! 

      As always, remember that whether it’s our custom festival outfits or another fierce look, raves are safe spaces for self-expression, and all clothing is suitable for plus-sized people. Always prioritize your comfort, but also know that fulfilling your festival outfit dreams shouldn’t be restricted by your size. We’d love to help bring that to life with a custom rave outfit that speaks to you.

      The beauty of a custom rave outfit is that it’s made to order according to your measurements and requests. Measuring yourself properly is vital to achieving the perfect fit. Please check out our size chart for diagrams on where to measure your body and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help or have further questions. We are always available to advise you on measurements and fit.

      As our British friends know, the term "bespoke" describes something that is custom-made or tailored specifically to an individual's or a client's specifications, preferences, or requirements. It is often used in the context of clothing, where a bespoke jacket or hat is one that is made to fit a particular person's body measurements and style preferences. At Love Khaos, we interchangeably use the word bespoke with custom and you will find lots of custom festival outfits and bespoke hats in this collection.