Gender-Neutral Shorts & Pants

Style knows no boundaries, so why should we? Love Khaos is thrilled to present a collection of gender-neutral pants and shorts lovingly designed for fancy folks from all walks of life. Responsibly made with flashy materials, flattering cuts, and incredible attention to detail, these rebellious bottoms exude luxury, glamor, and unbridled sex appeal. Life’s a stage, and you’re the star! Discover non-binary festival apparel that fits your lifestyle.


      Be Who You Want to Be

      You control your destiny, and that includes how you present yourself to the world. We’re passionate about sharing our eclectic takes on fashion with people who love standing out in a crowd. If you’ve had a difficult time finding gender-neutral shorts and pants that aren’t dull and lifeless, we invite you to explore our unique, androgynous apparel. We don’t play by the rules. Instead, we follow our own path, pushing the boundaries with exciting unisex designs unbound by convention. From joggers that shimmer and shine to bell-bottoms made for dancing, we’re bringing you the hottest looks so you can show up to the party on your terms.

      Build Your Non-Binary Wardrobe

      We have a whole collection of unisex clothing to go with your gender-neutral pants and shorts. Put together bold outfits with our gender-fluid clothes, rave jackets, and accessories, or rock a unisex jumpsuit for a cool and cozy aesthetic. You may also find gender-neutral shorts and pants in our gender-fluid sales — check back often for the latest deals! These are durable, well-made bottoms that are meant to be worn many times, rave after rave, and festival after festival. Create the non-binary wardrobe of your dreams at Love Khaos!