Welcome to the jungle, party animals! We created this collection of animal print rave outfits with our most free-spirited customers in mind. It’s your home for anything from ultra-vibey faux snakeskin body suits to holographic leopard rave outfits, and you already know we have some wild zebra print shorts for you! With a range of women’s festival outfits, men’s festival clothing, and gender-fluid clothes, any look you reach for here will help bring out the animal within to maximize your next concert or rave experience. Check out the vibrant collection below and shop our ethical, hand-made animal print festival outfits built to last through even the wildest festivals.


      Wild Thing… I Think I Love Khaos

      Our animal print rave clothing is meant to offer a variety of looks that will have you embodying the wild animal that makes you look and feel your fiercest. Whether that means stepping into your big cat energy in our leopard print and tiger print apparel, bringing out your playful side with some zebra rave outfits, or leaning into your “Reputation era” in something snakeskin… we got you covered. Don’t worry, btw– none of our garments are made with real animal skin. In fact, we do our best to make sure all of our stuff is a friend to the environment! Love Khaos emphasizes slow, responsible fashion, so you can show up for these experiences fully expressed without leaving a harmful impact on people, the planet, or the amazing creatures that helped inspire this collection!

      Express The Party Animal Within

      If you’re starting to feel like you may have been a jungle cat in a past life, or you’re simply ready to accept that nothing is as fierce as a rave ‘fit that looks like it walked straight out of the jungle… go ahead and dive into this festival collection. Because these animal print rave outfits are timelessly fun and sexy, we recommend keeping them around for several wild experiences to come. You can mix and match our zebra and leopard rave outfits with the holographic maximalism from our Photobomber reflective rave clothing or Liquid Rainbow holographic clothes, or complete the look with something “chill” from the Festival Casual collection. Whatever you get your hands on, rest assured all Love Khaos apparel is backed by our quality guarantee. We ship worldwide and are happy to offer free shipping on orders of $250 or more. Get ready to meet the primal part of yourself that’s unleashed through these animal print festival outfits!