Unisex Festival & Rave Jackets

Gender-Neutral Jackets

Our gender-fluid jackets and hoodies are designed to fit your body, not your gender. After all, gender is merely a social construct and doesn’t define who you are on the inside or how you should dress on the outside. That is why we have designed a collection of non-binary, androgynous clothing with a gender-neutral style. You deserve to own clothes that make you feel confident, inspired, and true to your most authentic self. We’re thrilled to give you one-of-a-kind, non-binary festival apparel options like nothing else out there.


      Let Your Fashion Fantasies Run Wild

      Gender-fluid clothing tends to be lifeless and stale, to put it lightly. We’re here to disrupt the norm with rave jackets and other sinfully sumptuous styles that are sure to turn heads in any crowd. Holographic windbreakers, sparkly and flowy kimonos, mesh hoodies…that’s just how we roll here at Love Khaos! Like you, we live life on our own terms, and fashion is just our way of sharing our individuality with the world. We hope our empowering designs get you excited about getting dressed and looking your best. A far cry from the usual fast fashion, our apparel is meticulously and responsibly manufactured to last.

      Build Your Non-Binary Festival Wardrobe

      These rave jackets will put the finishing touch on your outfit. Complete your look with gender-fluid clothing, including rave tops, gender-neutral shorts & pants, and rave jackets, and don’t forget the unisex accessories. Before placing your order, be sure to check out our gender-fluid sale for some amazing savings. If you have a unique vision in mind, we’re happy to create bespoke gender-neutral jackets just for you. We understand one size doesn’t fit all and love to bespoke custom rave outfits to ensure you have a fit that flatters your shape! Wearing the perfect jacket is one of life’s simple pleasures. Find the jacket of your dreams at Love Khaos!