Burlesque Costumes

In a space where the art of seduction meets that of creative expression, our collection of modern burlesque and showgirl outfits is a space to indulge in the possibilities of what costumes can bring to a performance. Every piece is meticulously crafted to create burlesque costumes that ignite passion and confidence in every performer. Whether you're a seasoned burlesque artist or a showgirl ready to command the spotlight, our collection offers an extensive array of sensuous, fringy, and lingerie-esque modern burlesque outfits designed to evoke allure and drama on stage. You’ll find luxurious fabric, craftsmanship that accentuates the body’s natural curves, and details that tease and tantalize. Whatever your unique vision may be, we’re here to help bring your intoxicating stage persona to life through costumes as unique and sexy as their wearer.


      Setting the Stage for Better Showgirl Costumes

      Your friends and fans at Love Khaos get it: that stage is your canvas. And with it, you’re creating this world of freedom, intrigue, and beauty. The craft and process of creating it are endlessly meaningful, and it’s our goal to be a little part of that. That's why each piece in our collection of burlesque costumes is meticulously handmade with the utmost attention to detail. Every sequin sparkles and every fringe sways with grace. It also means that our commitment to sustainability is no joke: all of our costumes are ethically crafted and carbon neutral. And with a minimum of 2% of our profits dedicated to social and environmental charities, you can feel empowered knowing that the positive impact your talent and performance have can extend far beyond the stage.

      Show Us How You Shimmy: Bespoke Burlesque Costumes

      To bring your unique persona to life with unparalleled style and sophistication, we’re committed to making your showgirl costumes perfect for you. We can make these tailored to your measurements and preferences. And if you have a vision in mind, strut on over to our Custom Orders Page for personalized consultations and one-of-a-kind creations that reflect your true essence. Whether you're embodying the classic allure of a femme fatale or the playful charm of a flirty pin-up, our customizable options allow you to tailor every detail to the modern burlesque outfit of your dreams. For some more costuming beyond the showgirl niche, you can also check out our Stage Clothes page, where you’ll find collections curated for all performers, from costumes for circus performers and aerialists to musician stage wear. We’re committed to the belief that every performer deserves to shine as brightly as their imagination allows. Let’s make it happen!

      Like what you see but want something custom?

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