Mens Party Shirts

Guys, we’re here to tell you that “formal” attire doesn’t have to be void of fun. That’s why we made men’s short sleeve button down shirts that stand out in a crowd without sacrificing sophistication. Each of our men’s party shirts is made from high-quality materials including holographic chiffon, sumptuous silk, and sheer iridescent chiffon, and crafted into fun button-up shirts that (coupled with your good vibes) make every party a little brighter. We are super proud to say that the collared shirts in this collection are meticulously custom printed with our one-of-a-kind patterns or foiled with mesmerizing bespoke holographics ensuring you won’t be twinsies with strangers. It's time to ditch the cookie-cutter menswear and opt for men's party shirts that are as vibrant, dynamic, and unique as you are.


      Party with Purpose in Camp Collared Shirts

      To make this collection even cooler, our men’s party shirts transcend traditional style by way of more than just craft and aesthetic. Each piece is ethically handmade, ensuring that you can feel good about what you wear. Moreover, we believe responsible fashion means finding small ways to actually do our part to make the world a better place, so we're committed to giving back to the community and the planet we all share with each garment we sell. With a minimum of 2% of our profits going to social and environmental charities, you’re not just buying another fun button up shirt– you’re spreading good vibes in more ways than one.

      Get Your Shirt Together: Dress Like a Gentleman, Party Like a Rockstar

      Get ready to unleash the full potential of these unique men’s short sleeve button-down shirts – the possibilities for turning heads and embarking on epic adventures are limitless! Sitting here and imagining it, your style game is reaching new heights as we speak. So while your creativity is firing on all cylinders, explore our diverse selection of statement pieces across the Love Khaos universe and discover how bold party wear can help you amplify your individuality. Start by finding the perfect men's festival pants and men’s rave shorts to compliment these collared shirts, then let your imagination run wild with mix-and-match possibilities. And remember, for curated looks tailored to specific festivals or occasions, our 'shop by event page' has got you covered! Need a customization? Drop us a line. Orders over $250 ship for free!