Circus Aerialist Costumes

Ladies, gentlemen, and ethereal beings beyond the gender binary, step right up to the ultimate realm of radically curated circus apparel! We've assembled a spellbinding collection of aerialist clothing to elevate your wild and wondrous performances to new artistic heights. We understand your craft demands a seamless fusion of supreme athleticism and captivating entertainment, where neither form nor function can be compromised. We introduce circus aerialist costumes meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of acrobats, where strength and style intertwine in perfect harmony. Take center stage in sleek spandex bodysuits, daring catsuits, and gravity-defying meggings designed to dazzle. As you weave your magic through the air, let your circus acrobat outfits become extensions of your artistry, accentuating every gravity-defying feat.


      Aerial Elegance, Ethically Crafted

      Now, here’s something you might not hear as often: all of our performance costumes are ethically handmade and 100% carbon neutral. So, know that whatever calls to you in this collection is stitched with care by your friends at Love Khaos who will be cheering you on with every wear. Plus, with a minimum of 2% of our profits dedicated to social and environmental charities, every purchase you make goes towards our efforts to make a positive impact. With our aerialist outfits, the awe and inspiration you create transcends the crowds, allowing the positive energy to radiate even further. Think of it as an extension of your artistry's profound impact. What’s not to love about that?

      Soar Above It All

      Our circus aerialist costumes are made to move with you, gracefully and confidently, no matter where your artistry takes you. They’re designed to catch as many eyes in nightclubs and festivals, as they will under the big top. And if you’re working in other areas of performance and entertainment, we create clothes beyond circus acrobat outfits that you should check out. With our Entertainer Outfits collection, featuring collections from Showgirl & Burlesque Costumes to Musician Stage Wear, you can mix and match to create the perfect ensemble for any gig. Plus, if you're looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, don't forget to check out our Custom Outfits page. We really do make each piece by hand, so if there is something in particular that would make the aerialist costume of your dreams, let’s build it together.

      Whether you're a seasoned aerialist or just starting to spread your wings, let Love Khaos’ circus aerialist costumes join you for the ride. We hope you'll feel as amazing as you look every time you take to the skies.

      Like what you see but want something custom?

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