Men’s and Women’s Urban Clothes

Urban Festival Looks

Going to an urban festival but still want to bring the noise with your look? Allow us to introduce a selection of festival streetwear. This lineup redefines festival fashion, making a bold statement at events like Lollapalooza, Love Box, Outside Lands, Austin City Limits, and more, where city vibes meet the pulse of music. We've paid special attention to the realm of women's urban clothes and men's urban clothing, infusing a touch of urban edge into every piece. This fusion of style creates an eclectic blend of streetwear and festival chic. It allows people to stand out in the crowd at any festival where city lights meet dance beats. These picks are packed with holographic colors, intelligent design, and urban festival outfits that effortlessly take you from the bustling streets to the heart of the dancefloor, making sure you look and feel your absolute best.

      Ethical Fashion is the Hottest New Trend at Urban Festivals

      What makes this collection even more stellar is that every piece is ethically handmade, ensuring that your festival vibes are guilt-free and as high as can be. And that's not all—Love Khaos is all about spreading the love (and the khaos), and we donate a minimum of 2% of profits to social and environmental charities. So, while you're strutting your stuff in women’s urban clothes or men’s urban clothing, you're also contributing to positive change. Something we can all get behind! We’re taking that sweet festival energy to the streets in an amazing, sustainable style together.

      Festival Streetwear

      In preparing you for city raves, we’re not stopping at JUST urban festival outfits. We want to prepare you for those cold nights when the bass isn't the only thing dropping. Check out our collection of Cold Weather Rave Outfits to keep you toasty while you dance the night away. We also have a casual festival rave clothing collection that carries some looks in tune with a similar streetwear vibe for either wearing to the party or those chill moments between sets. Don’t see quite what you’re looking for? Peep our Custom Rave Outfits page, and let’s bring the vision to life. However you like to dress to express, we’re turning up the heat on your festival fashion game and your streetwear too!