Women’s Festival Outfits

For Her

The party never stops when you’re wearing our women’s festival outfits! Whether you’re seeking one-of-a-kind women’s festival clothing for an event or shopping for unique party outfits for poolside parties, you’ll find a variety of options at Love Khaos. Cute dresses, holographic catsuits, avant-garde blazers—we’re bringing all of your fiercest women’s festival fashion fantasies to life. Best of all, our women’s festival wear is always ethically and sustainably made, ensuring not only does your outfit slay, but also that you radiate a sense of pride for supporting the artistry of slow fashion.


      Life is too Short for Boring Clothes

      Our women’s festival outfits are a feast for the senses, designed to be both visually and texturally infatuating! Holographic materials, sparkles, reversible sequins, tassels, UV glow reactivity, fringe, feathers, leather, all of your favorite qualities. These couture costume-clothing hybrid pieces are lovingly crafted in small batches and meant to be worn year after year for festival seasons to come. At Love Khaos, we champion rave wear for all — from concept and design to vertically integrated manufacturing — forever striving to ensure the highest standards of quality for our clothing, while creating an ecosystem that provides unwavering value to the customer and to our talented team. In the spirit of doing things differently, we go the extra mile by not just creating, but also contributing. We believe in giving back, and that's why a minimum of 2% of our profits goes to support social and environmental charities.

      Dress to Express

      If you were wondering where to get unique rave outfits & what to wear for a festival, you have come to the right place. Here at Love Khaos, we have options for everyone. Whether you are shopping for your first rave or your 100th, we have statement pieces or entire outfits to level up your look. We invite you to explore all of our festival collections—we make men’s festival clothing and gender-fluid clothes too. Style your women’s festival wear with some of the boldest pieces from our Liquid Rainbows, Festival Casual, and Photobomber Reflective collections. We ship women’s festival outfits worldwide, and all of our products are backed by a quality guarantee—if anything goes wrong, we’ll make it right. Daydreaming of a specific type of festival clothing for women? We also do custom orders! Take a peek at our selection, and treat yourself to stunning festival wear you’ll love for life.


      It’s a common misconception that women’s festival outfits are about being “on trend” or aiming to be the loudest-dressed person in the room. More than any of that, the idea is to express yourself in a way that speaks to you. We live to see an edgier take on festival styles. If this sounds like you, you should totally check out our black rave outfits. They’re perfect for achieving that festival cool girl thing. We also have some great looks beyond studs and leather for our all-black-everything queens. 

      Pairing it down to black does not have to mean boring. Check out this collection of black mesh rave outfits and these incredible black catsuits and bodysuits for proof on the matter. Particularly mixing up fabrics like mesh and leather, choosing interesting silhouettes, and opting for monochromatic black can make for super chic women’s festival wear.

      Properly layering women’s festival outfits in the case of significant temperature or weather changes definitely takes some strategic planning. But it can always be done in a cool, stylish way that feels authentic to your personal aesthetic of women’s festival fashion.

      Try pairing pieces from across our women's festival clothing collections. Start with a base that will keep you cool when the temp is at its high. Think bodysuits, crop tops, hot pants… that kind of thing. And keep the fabrics light (mesh paneling is great for this.) From there, reach for some light, loose layers. We have scarves, kimonos, and hoodies that are great for the slightly chilly moments. Or, depending on just how dramatic that temp drop is, we have a great collection of women’s sequin jackets and outerwear including these awesome waterproof windbreakers in our Rainy Festival Outfit collection.

      Have fun with it! Accessories are an opportunity to tie a women’s festival outfit together or sprinkle a little bit more ‘you’ into the equation. As long as your accessories are safe and comfortable for days and nights of endless dancing, there aren’t many rules or limitations.

      We recommend taking a look at our epic selection of fingerless leather gloves for a foolproof way to add a cool ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any look. We also love adding a shining statement with festival jewelry. See what makes you excited, and don’t worry too much about perfectly matching your women’s festival outfit. Festival fashion always invites eclecticism!

      Globally women’s festival fashion has been delivering so much style inspiration lately. We have been loving the fun patterns and neon fabrics we’ve been seeing, a lot of which come from right here at Love Khaos!

      The mesh trend is a great one for hot weather raves. It’s super breathable by nature and aesthetically it leans into a cool edge. As does, by the way, all of the black-on-black women’s festival fashion we’ve been seeing. With some interesting fabrics, cuts, and daring accessories the absence of color definitely doesn’t lack interest. 

      On the other end of the spectrum (cause when it comes to women's festival clothing there will always be variety), we’ve also been seeing some really playful use of prismatic holographic clothes. Another fun trend on the statement-making pattern front would be the wild (pun intended) use of animal print in women’s festival outfits.