Gender Fluid Clothes

We don’t believe in conforming to the norm. In fact, we have a strict policy about standing out instead of fitting in. Our stunning gender fluid outfits offer bold, empowering looks you won’t find anywhere else. Designed to make you feel sexy in your own skin, our daring designs feature unisex silhouettes, ultra-modern cuts, and wild embellishments. Discover extravagant, high-end festival apparel ethically made with reflective materials, exotic feathers, shimmering sequins, rebellious studs, and so much more.


      Love Who You Are

      We believe that clothing doesn't have to be assigned to a gender and that the normative momentum of gender roles shouldn't rule over the individual. We want people to be able to decide for themselves how feminine or masculine they want to dress because gender shouldn't stand above personal taste. We have designed a collection of androgynous, gender fluid clothing with a neutral style. Some of our favorite gender-free apparel is our streetwear hoodies, onesies, festival accessories, holographic leggings, bell bottoms, windbreakers, body chains, leather cuffs, holographic jackets, and leather fingerless gloves. We design unisex clothing so that you can be who you are & love what you love without hesitation.

      Your One-of-a-Kind Look

      Love Khaos exists to make your wildest fashion fantasies a reality! We invite you to explore all of our festival costumes to find everything you need to bring your perfect aesthetic to life. Get inspired by our holographic clothes, casual rave outfits, and reflective festival clothing, or commission your own custom gender fluid clothes. If you’re over the boring gender fluid outfits out there, it’s time to create a wardrobe that makes you smile every time you get dressed. After all, life’s too short for boring clothes! Embrace the magic with Love Khaos!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When picking a rave outfit, you can always push yourself to get creative, think wilder, and free yourself of constricting beliefs about what anyone thinks you ‘should’ be wearing. Remember, whatever fashion risk you take probably won’t be the wildest thing in the rave world. Try to toss the rule book aside, add color and pattern where you think you shouldn’t, and wear what makes your heart happy. 

      On that note, creating a unique rave look is the perfect creative opportunity to play around with genderfluid clothes. Know that the lines of gender are blurred in the liberating atmosphere of a rave. Whether you’ve been wanting to experiment with gender-bending in your fashion choices or gender fluid outfits are your everyday look, this is a perfect place to show off the full spectrum of your unique self.

      Your first rave?! We’re so excited for you to step into this safe, accepting space for self-discovery. If you’ve been seeking opportunities to show off your unrestricted expression, we think you’re gonna love the experience of picking out an outfit for your first rave. 

      Start by gathering some inspiration and taking note of what you love. The biggest thing is to embrace the spirit of the rave scene by wearing whatever empowers you and makes you feel comfortable. Raves are a great opportunity to experiment and take risks. Know that rave fashion knows no gender; it's a celebration of fluidity and freedom. Genderfluid clothes will be celebrated! However you identify, think of your outfit as a canvas!

      All this is just guided by one condition: make sure you’re comfortable. Your rave outfit should amplify the sensory experience, not inhibit it. Dress for hours of dancing and taking it all in!

      We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… keep your feet comfy!
      We all understand the appeal of a beautiful shoe, but we’d rather know you’re fully present to enjoy the incredible rave experience than trying to stay strong through throbbing bones and blistered ankles.

      Some things to keep in mind: First, always go for something closed-toed– you wouldn’t want your little piggies exposed if they get stepped on in the rave. In general, we recommend avoiding high heels that are uncomfortable or difficult to walk on grass or uneven surfaces. Another thing to steer clear of is those brand-spankin-new, never-before-worn shoes. You’ll be on your feet a lot (and hopefully dancing like nobody’s watching)-- wear something you’ve worn-in. 

      Now for shoes that are good options! Sneakers are always a trusty go-to for festival-goers and are perfect for gender fluid outfits. We also like a combat boot for more edgy or utilitarian looks. And, if you feel you want a little boost, we would go for something with a platform. They’re sturdier and comfier than other heels and look great with most rave aesthetics.