Concert Outfits

Concert-goers and live music lovers, Love Khaos came through for you by rounding up a collection of pieces that would make the perfect addition to your concert outfits. We get it—you’re not always gonna be going to a wild rave where you need a full-on costume. Sometimes you just need the right sexy concert clothes to make you feel good and stand out on a Friday night. And in a similarly beautiful way, concerts build spaces for enjoying music in an environment where we can simultaneously forge identity, express creativity, and become a part of a unique collective vibe. With this collection, we wanted to offer an expressive take on concert wear. But we also have your back (and front) with threads that say, “I’m here for a good night” rather than all-out “alien invasion core” or “German sparkle party.” Whether you're in the heart of the mosh pit or soaking up some rooftop vibes, these sexy going-out clothes are the real MVPs, effortlessly elevating your concert outfit style game to new heights.


      Groove-Ready Gear for Any Venue

      What you’re seeing here, in a way, is the Love Khaos take on 'streetwear’-- 'cause wherever you’re going, we think your outfit deserves a little electric dose of expression. Our Concert Outfit collection is a carefully curated mix of versatile pieces for all of the humans in the crowd, regardless of gender. They're statements that effortlessly transition from everyday wear to concert couture. The best part? Every thread is ethically handmade, so you can look good in your sexy concert clothes while feeling good about it too. We strongly believe that fierce personal style shouldn’t have to have a negative impact. In fact, it might even contribute to a better world. We proudly donate a minimum of 2% of our profits to social and environmental charities because, hey, good vibes should extend beyond the dance floor.

      Amplify Your Style, Amplify the Experience

      If you like the concert vibes here but want to step the maximalism up a notch for an upcoming rave or festival event… you know we got you covered! These concert pieces can pair really well with other things across our site to elevate your ‘concert look’ to ‘rave wear’ when you’re ready. Dive into our men's festival clothing and women's festival outfits collections to snag that head-turning festival fashion for your next big adventure. Consider the music an open door and invitation to make a statement with your look.