Coachella Festival Clothes

If you’re ready to elevate your Coachella festival clothes for the ultimate experience of music, art, and fashion, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Love Khaos has your back with this first step on the festival journey: curating the ultimate lineup of Coachella looks. We made it easy with a collection crafted to shop Coachella outfits designed to help you bring your festival fashion A-game to the desert spectacle. We know Coachella isn't just any festival; it's the one where you want to show off your most iconic looks, drawing inspiration from the legendary fashion that the space has become known for. It's your turn to make your mark on the desert, and we're here to help you shine.


      Insta-Worthy Coachella Couture

      Okay, hear us out for a sec: Imagine you’re at the Do Lab, embodying the spirit of Coachella in something that feels unquestionably you. Between soaking up the vibes and music, you meet friends for pics by the Ferris wheel, creating memorable snapshots and unforgettable moments. You're that person that has everyone asking, "Where did you get that outfit?” And then… making it even cooler, you get to tell them it’s ethically handmade rave-wear. It’s our little cherry on top of an already delicious serving of style. Love Khaos is all about love for the planet and its people. We're committed to ethical handmade festival costumes and donate a minimum of 2% of our profits to social and environmental charities, because we love spreading love.

      Slay the Sahara Tent

      You can feel good about shopping your Coachella outfits for the whole weekend with us. It goes beyond one fabulous piece; we have you covered for every stage with trend-setting looks that will keep those fellow festival-goers in awe. For more warm weather options, check out our summer festival outfits collection. It’s another great place to shop Coachella festival clothes for the daytime heat. And for those moments when you're back at camp, getting ready, you’ll want some cozy and cute loungewear. Check out our men's luxury loungewear and women's luxury loungewear collections for a place to find comfort and style, all in one.