Carnival Festival Outfits

Carnival is, at its core, a celebration centered on indulgence and unapologetic joy. Our carnival festival costume lineup is all about vibrant colors, playful feathers, and an extra dose of shimmer to really lean into the lively spirit of Carnival celebrations that feels so infectious. We stocked this collection full of pieces perfect for stealing the show at electric street parties and masquerade galas. From the samba beats in Rio to the lively parades of Barranquilla, the masked elegance of Venice, and the Caribbean's vibrant spirit, we've curated a carnival festival outfits collection that's a global celebration in itself.


      Indulge in a Feast of Global Glamour

      Since the inception of feasting before Lent in Christian traditions, it has always been a more-is-more kind of holiday. In the case of Venice, so much so that masks fell into tradition to allow for such lavish indulgence in alluring anonymity, leading to the masquerade party clothes we love today. In the cases of places like Brazil or Trinidad, a much sadder history of colonization and enslavement eventually gave way to a fusion of influences. In Trinidad, where slaves threw their own parties while French colonists celebrated before lent, Carnival became something of an unapologetic reclamation of joy and even mockery. The celebration we know today is an infectiously fun, colorful celebration infused with traditions from all over the globe. All of that: the global flare, a more-is-more attitude, and the spirit of shamelessly indulging in joy had a part in inspiring our carnival festival costumes.

      Party with Purpose

      All this glam and joy, plus something special in each of these carnival festival outfits: Each piece in our Carnival Collection is ethically handmade, ensuring you can party away with a clear conscience. No hiding behind those fabulous masquerade party clothes when you can shamelessly flaunt them! Plus, you're contributing to something bigger with any Love Khaos garment you purchase. We donate a minimum of 2% of our profits from this collection to support social and environmental charities. Ready for more? We curated collections for all kinds of celebratory looks, music festival outfits, and unique party outfits. Head over to our "Shop by Event" page to explore pieces for various occasions, or check out our Mardi Gras costume collection, tailor-made for the American celebration happening at the same time. Get ready to party with us in carnival festival outfits as we indulge completely in colorful celebrations.