Winter Rave Wear: Winter Festival Outfits & Accessories For Cold Weather

an outdoor music festival in the snow-covered mountains

Something chilly is in the air, rave fam, and it feels like some epic winter music festival adventures (and the winter festival outfits that come with them) are approaching. The cold-weather elements add such an exciting new layer to the festival atmosphere. We think you’ll find they create an added sense of camaraderie, as infectious energy emanates through crowds of people collectively approaching the communal challenge of cold weather. That said: it’s no joke. When gearing up for winter and cold weather festivals, you want to take those low temperatures seriously—especially when styling your winter rave wear looks. That’s where we come in! Get ready for a chill vibe that's anything but cold.

Embrace the Chill and Keep the Thrill!

You may be feeling pulled to treat this like rave-business as usual and pull your trusty little barely-there costumes out of your closet. Or, conversely, when the temperature drops, the temptation for some of us to throw on a bulky parka is real. And hey, it’s not the worst idea. But our philosophy is: why sacrifice style for warmth when you can have both in warm festival clothes? We like to think of it as a fun challenge to awaken our creative inner-rave stylists, and we’re here to spill the beans on how to create a fire winter rave wear look without freezing your booty off. The cold weather might send shivers down your spine, but fear not because, we've got your back (and your arms, legs, and everything in between) with all our best tips in this festival guide. Let's dive in and find that sweet spot between warmth and killer style.

1) Layers: The Cozy Art of Peeling

We know the struggle of balancing style and staying warm during those icy winter festivals. But our first tip is always a good idea when planning for a festival. Layers are essential for unpredictable and changing weather at festivals. You know how it goes, you will be warm in the center of the dancefloor but walking between stages will feel like an excursion through the Arctic tundra. Being able to easily adapt your look for every moment is the key to being comfortable. Plus, an added bonus, layers give you an opportunity to show off more of your rad festival look as the day and night go on. (Quick costume change, anyone?) So, here is how we go about layering for winter rave wear in these particularly cold climates.

Base Layers

When planning a layered winter festival outfit, start close to the skin and work your way up. This can be truly anything and really depends on whether you run hot or cold and how many layers you plan to put on top. Dress to suit your preference; for example, this could mean a bikini top or muscle tank or even thermals. Thermals are a lifesaver for those sub-zero dance-offs (think Apres ski and snow festivals). And hey, you might need to shed a layer when the dance floor heats up, so make what’s underneath a good one! Pro tip: Opt for moisture-wicking or quick-drying fabrics in your winter rave wear, like nylon spandex or bamboo, to keep you dry when you break a sweat.

Mid-Layer Magic

Think hoodies, sweatshirts, boleros, shrugs, onesies, or even a funky long-sleeve shirt. These mid-layers can really tie your warm festival clothes together—they’ll act as the bridge between practical pieces and statement accessories. For example, a hood popping out from under your jacket can look cool and have so many perks for the weather. Your looser long sleeves not only add warmth but also give you the flexibility to switch up your look as the night unfolds.

Statement Jackets

This is a big one for us… never underestimate the power of statement jackets. These are gonna be the MVP for your winter rave wear. With that said, be sure to choose one that you LOVE because they’ll go over everything! Whether it's a futuristic LED number, a maxi faux fur coat, or a holographic jacket masterpiece, we have some ideas in mind for how to make your most essential piece of the festival one that stands out… check out our men’s festival jackets and women’s festival jackets for the ultimate outerwear game.

A woman in a black feather statement jacket

2) Warm Fabrics and Materials: Snuggle Up in Style

When it comes to winter rave wear fabrics, think warmth and style hand-in-hand. There are a few materials and textures in particular that will be great to reach for winter festival outfits.

  • Wool: The cozy classic that never goes out of style. Opt for wool socks and a cashmere hat, if possible. Most of the warmth in your body leaves through your head!
  • Feathers: Because they’re made for warmth and who said you can't fly on the dance floor? We have epic feather jackets that do just the trick.
  • Vinyl: Latex bodysuits, vinyl meggings, and catsuits are perfect examples of less-breathable materials that keep the heat in without having to wear much on top.
  • Windbreaker Materials: To keep the chilly breeze at bay while igniting that lively ‘80s style. Look for bombers and anoraks; we also make flight suits with the same wind and waterproof fabrics in our rainy festival outfits collection.

Pro Tip: Layering Textures

Mixing these textures adds depth to your winter rave wear. Pair surprisingly warm festival clothes like a sleek vinyl catsuit with a fuzzy faux fur stole or accessory, for example – it's all about balance!


A person wearing sequin shorts layered over meggings for winter festival outfit


3) Extremities Matter: Keep It Cool, Keep It Warm

Arm Warmers and Tall Socks

These add such a cute touch to winter festival outfits and come in clutch for fighting the chill while looking fierce. These aren't just practical – they're a style statement. You can even choose ones with unique patterns or metallic finishes to make them a part of your overall winter rave wear look.

Leggings and Tights

Our cold weather MVPs! These come in various thicknesses, colors, and materials and are suitable for both men and women. We love tights because the possibilities for styling are infinite. Body stockings add depth to any outfit, and you can still wear shorts when you pair them with leggings underneath!

Cropped Hoodies

Arms covered, outfit flaunted – the cropped hoodie is one of our favorite winter rave wear secret weapons and creates a perfect silhouette for the bold raver. Opt for cropped hoodies in vibrant colors or with holographic hues to add that extra pop to your look.


Because cold hands can't rave properly, our fingerless leather gloves will make everyone around you jealous—so bring extra if you’re feeling generous. You can even invest in hand warmers that can be slipped into your pockets or gloves. They not only keep your hands warm but also add a comforting weight that feels like a hug for your fingers.

two people in the desert wearing winter festival outfits


4) Winter Rave Wear: Dressing to Impress, No Matter the Temperature

Let’s get specific, shall we? Here are some types of clothing suitable for rave clothes in cold weather and some of our own favorite winter festival outfit combinations for both men and women.

For the Daring Dudes

Meggings. Because in both cold weather and dance parties, leggings can’t be reserved just for the ladies.

Pro Tip: Pair them with a jaw-dropping jacket and top hat. Bonus points for holographic or reflective meggings to catch the light in the most epic way possible.

For the Fearless Femmes

Catsuits are such a cool, sexy, and warm layer for winter rave wear. Though, we would def advise getting one that zips all the way – because, seriously, who wants to undress completely just to pee at a cold festival? Layer them with crop hoodies and top it off with a jacket, wool socks, and boots… the perfect winter festival outfit recipe.

Jumpsuits, Flight Suits, and Onesies

On a similar note, we love the comfy style of one-piece looks layered over thermals to add to your warm festival clothes. Check out our Warm Rave Outfits for Cold Weather for winter rave wear inspo like this!

Surprisingly Warm Pieces

Sometimes you pull something just because it looks cool, but nobody will suspect that it’s actually working double time to keep you warm, in addition to looking cool. Discover the magic of our feather jacket, wool coat, and faux fur LED jackets – keeping you toasty and turning heads. The key is choosing pieces that look amazing on their own and secretly act as a barrier against the winter chill.

5) Winter Rave Wear Accessories: When Details Make the Difference

Don't forget about festival accessories! And yes, that means pieces like chunky statement jewelry, glasses, and neons, but also warm things suitable for raving in the cold can take your outfit to the next level. Accessories add those extra touches that bring a winter festival outfit together and make you stand out in the crowd.

Gloves, Scarves, and Hats

Fingerless gloves, a chunky scarf, and a marching band-style festival hat with built-in LED lights – because why not? Your classic winter accessories can all take on the rave environment. Hooded jackets also make for an extra layer of style, literally.

The Right Shoes

Let's talk about footwear. While they’re not exactly accessories, they are essential for winter rave wear. Stylish boots are a must. Not only do they keep your feet warm, but they also add an edgy vibe to your outfit. Combat boots are amazing for bridging cool style and practicality on all fronts. Plus you can add a little somethin’-somethin’, ‘cause your feet deserve to party in style. Consider knee-high boots with faux fur lining or platform boots with LED soles. Pair them with wool socks and foot warmers, and you're ready to dance the night away.

woman snowboarding wearing a sequin jacket as winter rave wear

Remember The Look Is Cool, Not Cold ❄️

We know that before you read our winter rave wear style guide, warm clothes might not be the first thing you thought of when you imagined yourself going to a festival. And actually, we wouldn’t be surprised if the dream was to ignore the elements, expose all of your skin, and let your joy warm you from the inside out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work that way. But the GOOD news is it’s actually a fun opportunity to get creative with your festival fashion! Consider the cold a style challenge—not a hurdle. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to look hot in the cold. And trust us, you won’t want to. There’s no point in a great outfit if it can’t sustain you through the night. So, watch your wardrobe turn up the heat as you explore your options for warm festival clothes!

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