Summer Music Festival Outfits: The Best Fabric Choices for Hot Weather

A crowd of people at a summer music festival in front of a DJ


When we think about summer festivals, we often picture the epitome of live music magic on perfectly warm evenings. We plan on dancing among friends and hopping from one amazing experience to the next dressed in summer rave outfits that embody our brightest, most wild selves. One thing that *might* go overlooked: It gets hot… sometimes really hot. But crowds in the sweltering desert sun should not have to kill the vibe. When it comes to keeping yourself in a safe, comfortable state to continue dancing through the weekend, it’s all about planning ahead. That certainly includes a well-informed choice in your summer music festival outfits. Don’t worry—we’re here to help set you up for success, so you can be present in the moments that will become lifelong memories.

To start, “planning ahead” requires the same things you might have heard since your very first days in the summer sunshine: things like water and sunscreen. Staying hydrated at music festivals is absolutely essential. Long days on your feet among swelling crowds is a lot to put your body through. Add any drinking, scorching sun, and the often arid environments these festivals take place in, and you’re at risk of becoming dehydrated. Do the planet and yourself a favor by bringing a refillable water bottle so you can keep hydrated and give your body that love it needs to keep from exhausting or overheating. As for sunscreen, it’s easy to forget how powerful our neighbor star is when you’re swept up in the excitement of a festival. But not only are sunburns painful, they can also contribute to dehydration and increase body temperature.

From there, the next step is picking the summer music festival outfit and beach festival outfits that will set you up for success. That’s where we come in!

We will have no part in allowing your summer music festival clothing to hold you back from the festival experience of your dreams. With the coolest threads, you can stay enjoying the hottest beats all summer long. From lightweight fabrics that catch the summer breeze to stylish tips that will have you dancing in comfort, we've got you covered from head to toe. So grab your shades, slather on the sunscreen, and get ready to rock your way through the stages with the best summer rave outfit styles. Let's dive into our summer outfit guide for dressing to stay cool at the hottest music festivals!

When Choosing Your Summer Rave Outfit, Opt for Lightweight Fabrics

Breezy Chiffon

a woman wearing a purple breezy chiffon kimono

We’re letting you in on one of our summer music festival outfit go-to secret weapons for staying cool while looking like the ultimate festival baddie – chiffon! 🌬️✨ Not only is chiffon nice and airy for practical reasons, but she’s also an ethereal fabric that will wrap around you like a gentle summer breeze, whisking away any worries of overheating. With its light-as-air feel and delicate draping, we are big fans of chiffon’s festival fashion game. We love throwing festival kimonos into the mix to add some dimension while also keeping the sun off your skin.

You can also opt to put your chiffon center stage with the Aviana Dress—which includes panels of black leather for a cool juxtaposition—or our beautiful, White Widow Dress. For men, check out the fan-fav summer rave outfit staple: the Leisure Shirt. These bad boys are lightweight and airy enough to give you a shirtless feel on the skin while delivering maximum visual impact via holographic shine or bold saturated graphics.

Mesh and Lace Fabrics That Let the Air Through

A man wearing a black mesh tank top and flame pants

While we’re on the subject of fabrics that allow for some air flow, we love the way mesh and lace pieces provide coverage, ventilation, and style all at once. These in particular offer a great solution to the heat for two totally different personal styles in the world of summer music festival outfits. Mesh, with its edgy allure, can add a daring touch to your summer rave outfit, letting the breeze flow through and keeping you cool while still maintaining that fierce vibe. Lucky for you mesh fans, we have a whole collection of Mesh Rave Outfits for you to rock. If you are really going for comfort in the heat, we even strategically designed some catsuits and bodysuits with mesh side paneling to keep you cool where it matters most while still achieving a wicked hot look.

Meanwhile, our friends in lace fits bring a touch of romance to the festival scene. Maybe you take a witchy approach with the Forbidden Fruit Black Lace Kimono, or stay true to your summer music festival outfit roots in a Gypsy Lace Top, encapsulating that sweet boho style of Coachella festival clothing.


a woman wearing a lace, feather white festival bralette

You should be able to express yourself and find a fabric that is comfortable in the extremities. Regardless of whether you fall into team mesh or lace, these fabrics will have you turning heads and keeping your cool from the main stage to the after-party.

The Light-As-Air Holographic Fabric From Our Liquid Rainbow Collection

a man wearing holographic harem pants

Lucky for you, we found a fabric that is as beautiful as it is breathable and we went ahead and made an entire collection with it! We recommend these holographic clothes in our Liquid Rainbows collection to anyone looking for summer music festival outfits when it gets really really hot out. While these pieces may look like rainbows melting in sunlight, rest assured they feel light and breezy on the body. We used this ultra-lightweight fabric to create pieces in a variety of styles and silhouettes so that everyone can find some summer music festival clothing made in its delicious goodness.

Opt for Synthetic, Quick-drying Fabrics

A woman wearing a hot pink animal print crop top and bottoms

When deciding how to best dress for hot weather, keep in mind: sweat can be a major factor. That’s where synthetic blends and breathable, quick-drying fabrics are going to be your best friends so you can turn up the heat in your summer rave outfit without… you know… turning up the heat.

Did we mention that the fabric in the Liquid Rainbow collection is a nylon spandex that is not only lightweight but an awesome option for its moisture-wicking superpowers? Let the quick-drying synthetic fabric be your ultimate summer music festival outfit sidekick, leaving you feeling fresh and ready to rock.

Shorts & Tank Tops Are Always a Good Summer Music Festival Clothing Pick

a man outfit wearing sequin shorts and a tank top

Sometimes, when it comes to hot-weather fabrics, less really is more. Warm weather staples like men’s rave shorts and men’s rave tank tops can come in handy once again when creating a summer rave outfit. We love matching 2-piece rave sets and this is the perfect opportunity to slay in booty shorts and crop top combo. With quick-drying, 4-way stretch spandex in a variety of neon colors, shiny metallics, and animal prints there are limitless options to express yourself.

On hot days, don’t overlook the looser, more breathable options. Some amazing choices for the festival-going guys can be found in our men’s luxury loungewear collection. All the breathable summer music festival clothing here is made with Ecovero and recycled nylon—both of which are not only super comfortable but also quick to dry. Sustainable fabrics are such a treat to the skin—plus, they come in pairs for the perfect set with minimal styling stress. Or, you can pair them with more maximalist Love Khaos rave wear for a little flash and flair to your summer music festival outfits.

Choose Loose, Long, Layers

a man wearing a sparkly zebra print kimono

Believe it or not, layering on a hot day can be a huge help in keeping you cool by providing some protection from those powerful rays. You just have to know how to pick ‘em! We recommend having a light, loose fabric on hand to toss over your shoulders when sun rays come beating down and that UV spikes. We love throwing festival kimonos and dusters in the mix to add some dimension while also keeping the sun off your skin.

Find Your Favorite Summer Music Festival Outfits

In addition to the spectacular clothing, summer music festivals are all about embracing the sun-soaked days and dancing to your heart's content. Selecting the right fabrics is the secret to surviving those scorching temperatures while staying effortlessly cool. When in doubt, shop our Summer Music Festival Outfits collection packed with our pick of pieces that achieve all of those elements without sacrificing an ounce of style. In the midst of a crowd, with the bass reverberating through your entire being, and the sun's rays beating down, we hope your summer rave outfit will set your spirit free rather than weighing you down with sweat. Happy festival season, and stay cool out there.😎

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