Embrace Unconventional Style: Our Top 7 Unique, Non-Traditional Bridesmaid Outfits & Groomsmen Attire

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When it comes to weddings, our philosophy is always to ditch the script in favor of a day that embraces the vibrant individuality of the humans embarking on a journey to share their lives together. Unconventional weddings are the perfect way to express and celebrate the beautiful relationship between two unique selves. In a world where traditions often dictate how things should be done, why not break free and create a day that truly represents you and your partner? Your wedding day is a chance to showcase your unique personalities and styles, making lasting memories through bold fashion statements.

This guide is made with love for those who color outside the lines. Having already shared some options and ideas for alternative wedding dresses and suits for brides and grooms, we wanted to top it off with ideas that make the whole wedding party stand out. So here, you’ll find our special curation of exciting and distinctive outfit options for your non-traditional bridesmaid outfits and groomsmen attire. Because nothing is more memorable than a wedding that steps outside of the ordinary.

For The Unconventional Groomsmen

We’ll just say it: there is such a lack of personal touch and flavor in most groomsmen outfits. Standard suits and tuxedos, while classic, can feel mundane and uninspired. Here are some playful, yet constantly high-quality non-traditional groomsmen attire that leans into celebration and self-expression, ensuring your groomsmen embody the vibe of your special day.

A groomsman wearing a sequin tailcoat

1. The Men's Sequin Tailcoat

Men's Sequin Tailcoat

Men’s Custom Sequin Tailcoat

Available in gold, green, holographic silver, or a custom color, the Men's Sequin Tailcoat is the ultimate statement piece. This dazzling coat can be the shining star—this alone will take any dress clothes and make them into non-traditional groomsmen attire. Pair it over a sleek black-on-black ensemble for a sophisticated look, or embrace a maximalist style with bold accessories like chunky jewelry or patterned pants.

For a festival wedding or a playful, sexy soirée, this tailcoat can be worn open, showing off a bit of chest, and paired with patterned meggings or fitted pants in complementary colors. Add some funky sunglasses for an extra dose of party fun. The versatility and unapologetic flair of this piece make it a perfect choice for those who want to push the boundaries of traditional weddings.

A groomsman wearing a black suit jacket with gold sequin edging

2. The Smoking Jacket

Smoking Jacket in Gold
Smoking Jacket in Silver
Smoking Jacket in Green

This luxurious men’s jacket, available in gold, silver, or green, can easily add a little somethin’-somethin’ to classic suit pieces. Wearing it over a button-down and slacks instantly elevates the look. The Smoking Jacket's rich texture and shimmering details catch the light beautifully, making it one of our favorite staples for non-traditional groomsmen attire.

For a bolder look, pair the smoking jacket with holographic clothes underneath to enhance its rainbow shine. Consider adding a whimsical bow tie to contrast the jacket's elegant style. Finish the look with sleek dress shoes or even playful loafers in a metallic finish to tie everything together. This jacket is an excellent choice for groomsmen who want to stand out while still looking polished and refined.

A man wearing a white holographic button-up shirt

3. The Leisure Shirt in Holographic White

Leisure Shirt in Holographic White

This take on a classic short-sleeve button-down gets a touch of personality with its holographic sheen. Awesome for non-traditional groomsmen attire at warm-weather weddings, it looks great with shorts for a casual, laid-back vibe. For a more polished look, pair it with tailored trousers and dress shoes. The holographic fabric catches the light beautifully, adding a subtle yet eye-catching detail to the outfit.

Dress it up with accessories like a stylish belt, a unique tie, or even a fedora or stylish hat. For a more eclectic look, layer it under one of our statement jackets, such as the Sequin Tailcoat or the Smoking Jacket. The versatile Leisure Shirt is perfect for a cool groomsman who wants to stay comfortable while still looking stylish and unique.

For The Unconventional Bridesmaids

Hear us out: we love the idea of all-white weddings, where either everyone including the attendees wear white or where the bridesmaids wear white and the bride wears a different color (her favorite color, preferably). This modern twist not only makes a stunning visual impact but also allows for a lot of creativity in styling. Here are four great options for non-traditional bridesmaid outfits, with a bit of our own creativity, imagining how to make each look truly special.

(P.S., a white wedding party is not your thing? We can do each of these in black too)!

A bridesmaid wearing a white festival dress

1. The White Widow Dress

White Widow Dress

This dress combines romance with a futuristic, badass vibe. The flowing silhouette and open-front design give it a whimsical, ethereal quality, while the structured details add a touch of modernity. Pair it with silver accessories, like a statement necklace, dangly earrings, or fingerless gloves to really enhance its celestial charm.

For a more edgy look, add leather pieces and boots. A leather jacket or harness can create a striking contrast against the soft, flowing fabric. Consider a dramatic headpiece or bold makeup to further push the boundaries of traditional bridesmaid fashion. The White Widow Dress is perfect for mixing elegance and rebellion. After all, nothing says ‘non-traditional bridesmaid outfits’ quite like a white dress!

three bridesmaids wearing white bralettes

2. The Gypsy Bralette

Gypsy Bralette

This stunning feathered lace top is perfect for the free-spirited bridesmaid. The delicate lace and iridescent rhinestones give it a bohemian, festival-inspired feel. Pair it with a white maxi skirt for a flowy, ethereal look that moves beautifully with every step.

For added flair, consider pairing the bralette with high-waisted pants or a tulle skirt. The top's intricate rhinestone detailing can be highlighted with iridescent fabrics or pearly jewelry. It’s the non-traditional bridesmaid outfit that will have a wedding party looking like they've stepped out of a fairytale.

two bridesmaids wearing chiffon jumpsuits

3. The Oasis Chiffon Jumpsuit

Oasis Chiffon Jumpsuit

This sheer jumpsuit offers both laid-back sophistication and a fun opportunity to play with undergarments. Try a holographic bra and hot-pant set or a bold pattern underneath to add a little interest. The light and airy chiffon fabric is perfect for outdoor weddings, providing comfort and style.

Complement the jumpsuit with a structured women’s jacket for a chic, modern look. Alternatively, embrace its beachy nature with some sandals and gold jewelry for a more relaxed vibe. And to really add those personal touches, think bold with your accessories—maybe a wide-brim hat or body jewelry. The Oasis Chiffon Jumpsuit is flattering and stylish, there is so much you can do to make it a memorable and non-traditional bridesmaids outfit.

A bridesmaid wearing a white sequin tailcoat

4. The Sequin Tailcoat and Stardust Jacket

Women's Sequin Tailcoat
Women's Sequin Tailcoat Blazer 
The Stardust Jacket

We love seeing bridesmaids rock a borrowed-from-the-boys style with a sequin blazer. The Women’s Sequin Tailcoat is available in gold, holographic silver, green, or a custom color. This piece offers a bold, tailored look with a feminine twist, and is perfect for bridesmaids who want to stand out. Pair it with sleek pants to push rigid wedding gender norms. Or, create a cool juxtaposition with a fitted dress to create a sexy, unconventional bridesmaid look.

Another option for incorporating sequins with a feminine touch is the Stardust Jacket. This cropped jacket adds a futuristic flair to any outfit. Wear it over a simple dress or jumpsuit for a pop of sparkle. Add some bold accessories like metallic heels or statement jewelry to complete the look. The sequin tailcoat and Stardust Jacket are the perfect ingredients to add a touch of glam and shine to any non-traditional bridesmaid outfit.

The biggest thing to remember when taking a non-traditional approach to wedding party attire is this: it’s your day – you make the rules! Have fun with your wedding, and don't be afraid to take risks. Love is a wild, beautiful, and extremely personal thing to celebrate… you deserve to have a celebration that reflects that! Embrace your individuality, and let your wedding party's attire be a bold statement of your unique love. With these non-traditional bridesmaid and groomsmen outfits from Love Khaos, your wedding will be a memorable, stylish affair that truly represents you and your partner.

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