Mixing & Matching Outfits: How to Put Together a Versatile Costume Collection From Everyday Clothes

 costumes from every day clothes

Welcome to the ultimate guide for all you ravers and costume aficionados looking to conquer the dance floor in killer outfits without breaking the bank. Yes, it’s entirely possible, and we’re here to guide you in curating the most extraordinary and uniquely you rave costume. Surprisingly, it starts somewhere you might not expect: your own closet. The secret? Just a bit of mixing and matching of outfits and pieces.

You'll discover that this not only aids in saving money while embracing a minimalist approach with a maximalist aesthetic but also serves as an enjoyable experiment in creativity and self-expression! If you adjust your lenses a bit, you’ll find that your closet is already a treasure trove of potential outfits waiting to reveal themselves to you. ;) Don’t get us wrong, we’re a big fan of investing in statement pieces that light something up inside of you. But remember when you’re putting a whole fit together, you already have stuff that you feel good in, and confidence is the hottest part—so why not let that inspire your costumes from everyday clothes? Let’s dive into the world of mixing and matching outfits and learn how to put together a costume!

This theory of ours goes for all kinds of costume curating. It’ll be your best friend during the Halloween costume scramble to put together something fire that doesn’t feel like trash (and ends up in the trash). The mixing and matching outfit inspo can also be the first step of your rave adventure. And when done right, putting the pieces together will add to the excitement of the event. So, grab whatever is glittering in your drawer, lace up those perfectly worn-in boots that carried you through your last party adventure, and let's talk about how to turn your existing threads into fierce festival fashion!

How to Put Together a Costume at Home

Dive into a World of Layers

Layers are the heart of a standout rave outfit. Layering is the secret sauce that turns your outfit from something cute to a symphony of style on the dance floor. Start with a striking base like a flashy catsuit or a vibrant men’s rave tank top, then delve into the art of layering, mixing, and matching outfit pieces. Consider adding a body stocking or three for texture or modesty. Next pull on a Kimono or sequin jacket that catches the light like a disco ball. Finally, top it off with gloves, jewelry, scarves, and belt bags or shoulder holster bags. That’s just one little image of how layering can add dynamism to a look. Experiment with lengths, play with proportions, and incorporate unexpected elements like lingerie for a touch of uniqueness. Playfully reveal glimpses of these layers or shed an outer piece to unveil something that shines independently. Embrace the freedom to expand beyond traditional style norms; these subtleties bring that elusive 'je ne sais quoi' to your ensemble that’ll have everybody double-taking.

A woman in a bodysuit, boots and fringe accessory

It’s a Texture Thing for Us

Right up there with layering is another key component to a well-styled outfit that often gets overlooked: textures. Textures are an amazing way to add some character and dimension to your outfit especially when mixing and matching them in layers.

Take those fringe boots, for example—the ones that make you feel like you're walking on stardust, and pair them with a bodysuit that slays. Next, layer a vest or top made from mesh or a sheer material for depth. The sleek, shiny bodysuit material juxtaposed with a more chaotic texture that sways as it walks immediately creates a sense of intrigue. The same thing goes for a sequin jacket or a flowy kimono—differentiate textures, even if in the same color palette, and your outfit is popping in ways that defy gravity. So, as you're experimenting with how to put together a costume and exploring the world of textures—from sequins to lace, mesh to leather—think of it as a feast for the senses.

The idea that our tops should match our bottoms was probably one of the first style “rules” we were ever told. And there is nothing wrong with it; sometimes it’s the right choice but nobody is gonna clock you for throwing it out the window in this case. In fact, we think mixing and matching outfits this way can often be miles more interesting than the fit that is perfectly matching in fabric, color, and silhouette from head to toe.

A woman in a fringe sequin top with a fringe mask on

Accessories: Your Outfit's BFFs

You read that right: accessories are your outfit's best friend forever. And it’s true, ‘cause they’ll be there over and over again. They’re the trusty sidekick who don’t necessarily win all the attention, but without whom nothing extraordinary would get done. It's not just about gloves and belts (though we loooove the gloves and belts); it's about creating an accessory arsenal that tells your unique story. We’ve curated a collection of festival accessories specially designed for festival costumes and rave outfits for the purposes of taking somethin’ cool, and taking it to the next level of style superstardom. Dig into things like harnesses, scarves, body chains, and earrings—pile them on like confetti at midnight. When used with passion and inspiration, they can actually carry the weight of some of the basics in your closet, making them ready to take on the not-so-basic world of raves and festivals. Elevate your look, and let the accessories turn your outfit into a dance floor masterpiece.

But, in addition to these pieces that can be paired with many kinds of looks to make them suitable for wild costume attire, consider that you might already have some jewelry that, when paired together, might make a similarly bold statement—creating wild costumes from everyday clothes. Similarly, if you’ve splurged elsewhere during your costume curation, we love taking to the thrift store to accessorize, which, naturally, brings us to our next trusty tip for mixing and matching outfits…

A woman wearing a costume made from everyday clothes

Thrift Treasures = Rave Gold

Ah, thrifting—the heartbeat of the savvy shopper, raver, and style icons of all kinds. If you're on the hunt for more rave-worthy pieces to top off what you’re working with, thrifting is absolutely your secret weapon. It's not just eco-friendly and cost-effective; it's also a cool journey into the unknown, where every thrift store visit unveils new treasures to start mixing and matching into your own outfits. Bringing the energy of something used to the dancefloor offers a touch of its own kind of magic to creating costumes from everyday clothes. Soak up the idea that each find tells a story, and as at raves and concerts, your outfit is another narrative waiting to unfold.

A woman at a festival wearing a costume from everyday clothes

DIY Magic: Create Your Own Rave Style

If you take away anything from this, we hope it’s this: Don’t be afraid to get creative! Your experimentation is not only welcomed but always celebrated by your friends here at Love Khaos. If there’s anywhere to take creative risks with your fashion, it’s here. And sometimes that means getting into a little DIY. This will really take the game of mixing and matching outfits to the next level. And it all starts by looking at what you’ve got to work with not only for what it is, but all the things it could be! Upcycling, embellishing, and creating from scratch—these are your tools to craft a costume from everyday clothes that's as unique as you are. It’s also a great option for reusing bold pieces you’ve worn in the past that have started to collect dust in the back of your wardrobe. Because every piece of clothing deserves a second act.

If DIY sounds intimidating, believe us—it does not need to be perfect. Channel your inner DIY wizard and transform that old t-shirt with a touch of glitter, maybe a crop here, and an extra splash of color there. Remember you’re in charge, and any edits and embellishments you’re mixing and matching will be a fun and personal upgrade to your outfit. You’ll find it was all worth it as the beat drops at sunset when you’re embracing your individuality and loving your one-of-a-kind outfit.

You’ve Got This! (In the Cart AND Your Closet!)

As you go about this exciting creative experiment of building costumes from everyday clothes, we hope you can think of Love Khaos as your secret weapon. If you see something that you fall in love with, great! That’s why we made it! Let it be a special item you integrate into your closet and unique personal style. We hope you have fun figuring out how to put together a costume and find many ways and opportunities to wear our pieces with your other favorite garments—they were created for years of wear. On that note, don’t forget our pieces aren't confined to the dance floor; they transcend the rave scene to integrate a wild spirit into streetwear and unique party outfits for Saturday nights. We believe in investing in pieces that truly resonate with you, allowing every purchase to become a building block in your wardrobe. Mixing and matching outfits and incorporating your favorite works of fashion to make costumes from everyday clothes is a fruitful step on the journey to building your personal style arsenal. We’re honored to be taking it with you! So, rave on, mix it up, and let your outfit help tell your story. After all, fashion is an expression, and there are no rules when it comes to creating your perfect rave look!

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