Clothes To Wear to Coachella: The Ultimate Style Guide for a Festival Fashion Playground

the Coachella festival crowd at sunset

We’d like to be the first to welcome you to Coachella: the ultimate playground of fashion and music. This legendary festival in the California desert, with its lineup of some of the year’s most influential musicians is known for its radical, trend-setting style so you’ll want to plan on packing some rad Coachella clothes. Beyond bringing music’s biggest names to one place for a weekend (or two), it ultimately is a very scene-y place, so it's the perfect festival to show off your style game (after all, competition for center stage is fierce here).

Still, there are do's and don'ts, practicality-wise. And certain inspiration from the festival's past that can help you nail the vibe. In the display of Coachella costumes, you’ll find a melting pot of trends and influences under that hot summer sunshine. From the festival’s rise during the early 2000s love-child aesthetic revival to the timeless summer vibes it captures, Coachella looks are a quintessential example of fashion that takes on a festival spirit. So, while festivals are about the music, it’s time to embrace that music and fashion often move hand-in-hand as radical art forms and buckle up for a style journey. This festival guide will walk you through men’s and women’s music festival outfits to create your very own Coachella clothes that position you as a trendsetter while practically preparing for the desert climate and the festival shenanigans. Our inspiration? The eclectic Coachella vibe and your bright, beautiful selves. Let’s get into Coachella festival clothes!

Coachella Vibe Unveiled…

Let’s start out by getting to know the Coachella spirit a bit better and taking the festival’s aesthetic pulse. Of all the music festivals, this one will stand out as a style oasis where anything goes, yet a distinct vibe prevails. While nowhere near as elaborate as Burning Man outfits or as rave-centric as EDC outfits, Coachella costumes embrace a unique aesthetic that’s in part shaped by its (sometimes piping hot) desert setting. That’s why sunglasses are a must, and lightweight summer ensembles are non-negotiable (check out our summer festival outfits for inspiration and great breathable fabric choices). With those early days of Vanessa Hugens’ crochet tanks and the surge of the brunch hat still pulsing through the festival’s veins, Coachella's boho-hipster energy will remain at play in looks today. Though, now, perhaps, evolving into a modern manifestation of Woodstock meets contemporary cool. The landscape ends up being something of a summer trend showcase. But it's not about fitting in—play up your personal style because unique/standout vibes are always the coolest outfits at Coachella.


  • take inspo from legendary Coachella clothes from years past
  • lean into your personal style
  • take risks and experiment with self-expression


  • box yourself into a style “rule book”
  • copy and paste the first trendy Coachella look you see on the internet (it will be all over the place at the festival, and this isn’t the kind of twinsies you want to be!)
  • forget about your physical comfort at a hot festival


Now that you have a sense of your inspo, let’s break it down into specifics. Ladies, you first:

Women's Coachella Clothing Style Guide: Express Your Festival Spirit

1 - Summer Staples:

This is a great place to start when planning your Coachella look. At some point, you have to just embrace the heat. One foolproof way of doing it is with classic summer staples – think going to the beach! Yep, we’re talking bikini tops, shorts, kimonos, and flowy cover-ups sans ocean. Wild Coachella costumes can begin with base pieces that are already in your closet and will keep things cool and comfortable under the desert sun.

2 - Lean Into Boho:

If it feels right, this is your chance to channel your inner Woodstock goddess with whatever modern flair feels in alignment with your own self-expression. Of course, that can mean flower crowns, fringe, or crochet, but at the end of the day, the boho aesthetic is defined by whatever sets your spirit free! If it’s coming from intentions of peace and love, you’re doing it right – interpret that however it speaks to you.

3 - All Black Everything:

Monochrome doesn't have to be dull. Say it with us: Monochrome doesn’t have to be dull!!! We love seeing festival gals showcase some edge with all-black outfits and expand the perception of what Coachella clothes can look like. Mix fabrics like mesh, leather, and stretch spandex to elevate a spirit of rebellion and mystery in the desert heat.

4 - Texture Play:

Coachella is a festival of fashion-forward maximalism. That means, if you’d like, this is us giving you full permission to embrace feathers, sequins, or both, AND stand out in the crowd by curating an eclectic mix of textures that scream individuality. Seriously, have a go. You might even find that the harder you go with this, the more intentional it comes off.

5 - Accessorize Wisely:

The cherry on top of the colorful Ferris wheel of festival fashion: elevate your Coachella clothes with jewelry, festival bags, statement sunglasses, and sensible shoes (we love combat boots or sneakers to keep your toes and ankles safe). Opt for an easy-to-carry hands-free bag for any essentials you want to have on hand. And don't forget to have fun with body jewelry for that extra festival flair—Coachella looks are so fun for experimenting with these pretty embellishments.

Coachella Guys: Experiment, Shine, Have Fun!

1 - Shorts Galore:

Again, we’re starting with what we already know... It’s the desert, it’s hot: wear shorts. You can, in fact, make Coachella clothes from everyday clothes. So, just like anywhere else, embrace the sun’s heat with a variety of shorts—only this time, find some with a personal flair that’ll keep you grooving. Check out our men's rave shorts collection for stylish options that let your legs breathe.

2 - Classic Staples with a Twist:

Riding that same wave: think classic summer staples to complete the ‘fit – men’s rave tank tops, button-downs (short sleeve button-downs worn open over tanks is 🔥), or your favorite music tees. Just make sure you’re adding that festival edge to make it a fun Coachella costume. This is a place where standing out is the name of the game—take the chance to try something fun and wild.

3 - Funky Accessories:

Okay, guys, this is where it gets really fun: it's time to spice it all up with accessories! If you need some ideas to get started, try experimenting with funky bucket hats, shoulder holster bags, chunky silver rings, and Y2K shades. These bold additions can turn a simple outfit into a statement look. Coachella clothes are all about expressing your unique style, so don't be afraid to get playful with this.


At the end of the day, when it comes to styling, the festival is your canvas; let your Coachella looks be the masterpiece you create upon it. Experiment, take risks, and make a statement. It's not just a music festival; it's a celebration of individuality and everything cool. Your fashion choices become part of the legendary Coachella legacy—and we think that’s a beautiful thing to be a part of. Get ready to shine, dance, and make memories in the desert sun! ☀️🌴

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