Burning Man Attire: What To Wear This Year

The Burning Man effigy called “The Man”

Wondering what to wear and in need of a guiding hand as you plan your perfect Burning Man attire for this year's burn? We know that preparing yourself for the unparalleled challenge of surviving in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth—a prehistoric lake bed nestled in the vast and desolate northern Nevada desert, far removed from the trappings of civilization—is no small feat on its own.

Fear not, for Love Khaos is here to support you every step of the way, providing an exquisite selection of over-the-top Burning Man costumes that take one element of the planning process off your plate. Whether you’re a veteran burner or a virgin, our festival fashion caters to a wide range of tastes and aesthetic preferences. We have everything you need to put together jaw-dropping Burning Man attire that’ll turn heads as you explore the desert. So, no matter what debauchery awaits, rest assured you’re sure going to do it in style!

It comes as no surprise that Radical Self-Expression holds a special place in our hearts as our favorite among Burning Man's illustrious Ten Principles. We invite you to wholeheartedly embrace the transformative spirit of radical self-expression as you curate looks that will ignite the playa with your distinctive style. From head to toe, let Love Khaos be your trusted companion on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery.

MOOP Free Is The Way To Be

If you’ve never been, you’re probably wondering what MOOP is. MOOP is an acronym that stands for "Matter Out Of Place." It refers to any trace of litter, debris, or personal belongings left behind on the playa (the desert surface where the event takes place). Burning Man is a leave no trace (LNT) event, which means leaving the desert environment as clean and pristine as it was before the event. Burners are expected to take full responsibility for their actions and belongings, ensuring that no MOOP is left behind. This commitment to LNT reflects the community's respect for the environment and the goal of minimizing the event's impact on the fragile desert ecosystem.

We bring this up because we want you to know how important LNT is and reassure you that all of the Burning Man attire suggested in this blog is MOOP free. Furthermore, all Love Khaos products are ethically and sustainably made using only the highest-quality materials. A far cry from the fast fashion Burning Man costumes out there, our apparel is meant to be worn many times, for many trips home to the playa.

1. Animalia: Go Wild in Animal Print

a woman in a purple leopard print bodysuit

Whether you're living the Leopard Mafia life, dancing your heart out at the Heavy Petting Zoo parties, or embarking on an otherworldly Intergalactic Rave Safari, we've got the perfect Animalia-themed, Burning Man costumes with your name on them. Much like Burning Man itself, our Going Wild in Animal Print collection is all about embracing your untamed side.

Celebrate the party animal within from our selection of fierce and ferocious Burning Man attire inspired by exotic creatures. From the iconic zebra and leopard prints to the seductive allure of snakeskin and the majestic power of tiger patterns, our designs connect you with your inner spirit animal. But we don't stop there. We take these classic animal motifs and infuse them with a splash of neon, reflective materials, dazzling sequin panels, and other eye-catching embellishments that truly bring the galactic jungle to life. Our Animal Print collection invites you to indulge in a zoo-phemism-filled extravaganza. Take a walk on the wild side and let your inner creature guide you as you prowl the playa in style.

2. Always Practice Safe Socks

While your Burning Man attire should be a testament to your individuality, practicality is equally important. As you traverse the dusty terrain of the playa, comfortable footwear becomes a must. Opt for boots or at least closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from the elements. The best boots are the tried and true boots you already have in your closet. Not only are they a reliable, low-cost option, but you also know they’re comfortable. If you decide to buy a new pair, choose an ethical brand with well-made shoes so they don’t fall apart mid-week after a few nights of epic dance sessions. And remember, always practice safe socks. Bring more pairs than you anticipate needing, don a fresh pair each day, and save the barefoot adventures for a different kind of playa experience. Following this advice will help you avoid the dreaded "Playa Foot," where the dust takes its toll on your precious soles.

3. In Dust We Trust

a man wearing flame pants and a black mesh tank top

The weather on playa can be extreme. Afternoon temperatures are often over 100 F / 37 C degrees. Stay cool and look even cooler with mesh-tacular clothing from our collection of mesh rave outfits. The desert sun is no joke, but with mesh Burning Man costumes and some SPF 50, you can keep your days easy-breezy and forget you're wearing anything at all!

As you prepare for your daytime adventures cruising the esplanade, don't forget to pack two essential items that will become your trusted companions: scarves and goggles. The Black Rock Desert can be a dusty and unpredictable environment, especially in the afternoon when the wind kicks up. These accessories will become your shield against the alkaline elements. Our Hoodie Scarf not only adds a touch of style to your Burning Man attire but also provides protection from the swirling dust storms sweeping through. Its unique design allows for wrapping comfortable yet defensive layers around your face to keep the dust out of your respiratory system. Goggles, on the other hand, are your best defense for safeguarding your eyes from the abrasive playa dust. Opt for ski goggles with tinted, UV protective lenses to shield your vision from the bright sun and airborne particles. With scarves and goggles in your arsenal, you'll be ready to embrace the challenges of the playa with confidence and style.

4. Technicolor Dream Coats

a woman wearing a LED light-up jacket

As the sun sets, the playa awakens with an enchanting glow. Given the varying temperatures of the desert nights, it's crucial to pack a warm coat to combat the chilly, sometimes freezing conditions. Embrace the luminosity by incorporating lights and reflective elements into your nighttime Burning Man attire. LED lights and EL wire will keep you bright and safe as you venture into the nocturnal wonderland. Instead of laboring over the intricate task of sewing LED lights onto your Burning Man costume yourself, why not wear our LED Light Up Jacket? Meticulously crafted to your measurements and embellished with your choice of sequins and fur, this exceptional masterpiece boasts LED light-changing trim, magically illuminating you in a vibrant array of colors. With various lighting modes at your disposal, you have the power to personalize the display, matching your mood and the pulsating energy of the city. Whether you're dancing under the starry sky or exploring the interactive art installations, our faux fur jacket with lights will transform you into a walking work of art. Indulge in the seamless integration of fashion and technology and let your brilliance shine in your Burning Man attire.

5. Hi-Vis Playa Magic

A man standing under the clouds with the camera looking up at him wearing reflective clothing

Black Rock City may be the 6th largest city in Nevada during the week of the burn but street lights still remain absent. To navigate safely through the chaos of art cars, lasers, infinite distractions, and distracted riders, illuminating your body and bicycle at night is imperative. While LED lights are perfect for your bike, and sewn into a coat, it's not always easy to incorporate them into your Burning Man attire. If you don't wear a coat one night or take it off for a while, then you’re difficult to see. Headlamps are essential (and great for trips to the loo) but they only have light pointing in one direction. Stay unscathed by collisions and avoid the dreaded "Darkwad" status by opting for our Photobomber Reflective collection of hi-vis reflective rave clothing.

Say goodbye to battery woes and embrace the brilliance that safeguards you in style after sunset. Crafted from remarkable reflective materials, designed to reflect light directly back to its source, you'll radiate an irresistible glow that defies invisibility. We love this fabric because not only does it shine in the spotlight, but it also creates a dazzling effect when captured on camera with a flash. Our Photobomber Reflective Burning Man costumes are the ideal way to stay visible and stylish on the playa.

6. On Wednesdays, We Wear White

A woman wearing a white holographic dress in front of some plants

Immerse your senses in the ethereal ambiance of the White Party on Wednesday by adorning yourself in the pure elegance of all-white attire. In the spirit of unity and purity, dressing in white not only pays homage to the tradition of the White Party but also creates a striking visual spectacle against the desert backdrop. Elevate your white Burning Man attire to new dimensions this year with the mesmerizing holographic white pieces from our Liquid Rainbows collection. Our best-selling Frosted fabric offers a perfect futuristic twist on this timeless theme, allowing the holograms to dance and shimmer with your every movement, enveloping you in an otherworldly aura. Whether you choose flowing holographic dresses, co-ord sets, or harem pants, let your holographic Burning Man costume shine amidst the sea of white and become part of the collective energy that radiates from this gathering.

7. Safety Third, Comfort First

A man wearing a gold reflective hoodie tank top

Burning Man is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s important to listen to your body and take breaks when you need them, get sleep, and make sure to hydrate. On a day that you’re feeling a little low energy & craving comfort, or if you’re looking for something lavish but a bit more laid-back, our Festival Casual collection will do the trick. We take elements of extravagant Burning Man costumes and blend them with our unique takes on ready-to-wear styles, like hoodies, shorts, joggers, and cardigans. And, of course, there’s no better way to cozy up on an art car to watch the sunrise than in a luxe velvet onesie! This Burning Man attire is casual, but it’s far from basic. From holographic materials to sequin and mesh accents, these are Love Khaos classics designed to look good and feel even better!

8. Blazed on Burn Night

A woman wearing a bodysuit with flames

Our Blazed collection is literally fire! Decked out in blazing flame patterns, you’ll find scorching Burning Man attire that’s perfect for Saturday night when they burn The Man. This collection has flame-printed rompers, two pieces, meggings, catsuits, tank tops, and shorts, all designed with 4-way stretch spandex for full freedom of movement. These flame outfits will bring the heat all week as you dance, climb interactive art, and cycle around the playa.

Desert Chic: The Art of Playa Fashion

From the moment you hit gate road, our Burning Man attire will have you ready for an unforgettable adventure. Remember at the burn conformity has no place, so think outside the box and break free from traditional fashion norms. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the freedom to wear whatever your heart desires in the safe space that is the playa. Look at this as an opportunity to unleash your creativity and experiment with unconventional materials, upcycled fashion, and extraordinary styling. Take the leap and wear something you’ve always lusted after but thought you could never pull off because at Black Rock City, the more unique, unexpected, and boundary-pushing your style, the better.

Have a specific idea for your Burning Man attire? We can create custom rave outfits for your Burning Man costumes! Looking for more ideas? Check out our dedicated collections of men’s Burning Man outfits and women’s Burning Man outfits to fuel your inspiration. Get ready to make a statement, ignite your inner fire, and let your outfit be a testament to your one-of-a-kind spirit as you embark on a journey unlike any other.

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