Our mission is to offer premium quality, street-chic loungewear without making any sacrifices to the planet or it’s people.

We want to give women the whole package: Luxury, Comfort, Sustainability, and last but certainly not least STYLE. Ekoluxe was born from necessity and the spirit of always do both. This mantra represents our ability to make a luxury piece of clothing without causing harm to the planet. It also refers to the versatility of our collection. We believe fashion and function should play well together and that comfortable doesn't have to mean underdressed. Did you know that the most sustainable piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the one you wear the most? So Ekoluxe pieces are designed to be comfortable enough to wear to sleep and stylish enough to wear out and about on all of your adventures.

This collection is for a modern, busy woman. She has countless faces. One of which is working from home, raising children and wanting to feel comfortable and sexy despite sometimes wearing the same clothes for 48 hours straight (your secret is safe with us). The other is flying all over the world, staying active, and partying at night. Both of them: doing all the things, all the time, all out of one small suitcase or spartan capsule wardrobe.

We believe that with the right vision and a strong set of values, a fashion brand has the power to change the world. I know that sounds ridiculously corny but we all have to start somewhere and do our part to take better care of the planet. Our goal is to provide an amazing collection of ethically and sustainably made clothing that people want to wear and share the word about. As the message spreads we slowly start to change minds and open eyes about the fashion industry and how we can all do a little better.

Everything we make is ethically produced in house in our studio in Bali, Indonesia.

We believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure.

This means that our staff (the people who make your clothes) are SUPER important to us, we consider them family. We make everything in house in our own studio to ensure that every single human hand that has created our garments receives above living wage, adequate healthcare, as well as comfortable and safe working conditions.

Ekoluxe is the younger sister brand to Love Khaos. So to answer this question we have to go back to the beginning.

Love Khaos was established in London in 2015. We did work with some ethical factories in London when we first started out but found the quality to be lacking. We decided to open our own studio in Bali because, in our opinion, the skill set and craftsmanship of the Indonesian people is far superior to anyone else's we've seen. To us quality is the backbone of our business, we pride ourselves on being a luxury brand so there is no other option than producing the highest quality garments. By making everything in-house we are able to guarantee our employees are treated like family and all business practices are ethical. Achieving this as a small brand is more manageable in Bali than it is in the UK or USA, and that's the honest truth.

Fast forward to today with Ekoluxe: as we we're already set up in Bali, we just expanded our space to now produce two labels. We don't use factories and we're still the same small (not corporate) brand(s).

In short YES, we have spent hours, upon weeks, upon months, on end (literally) to ensure we have taken every precaution to be as environmentally sustainable as humanly possible.

We believe that there is no such thing as a 100% environmentally friendly product & anyone making these claims is greenwashing. Right now you're probably thinking WTF you are contradicting yourself, & I hear you. But it's a complicated topic - so allow me to explain.

We make the most eco-conscious product possible, but we are aware (and are not about to lie about it) that all products, even the most sustainable ones, are still using precious resources and putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Since we can’t live without clothing (except for nudist colonies and guys in San Francisco's Castro District) we can't avoid some environmental impact. To be the "greenest" garment manufacturers we can be, we adhere to a strict sustainability ethos. This guides us in making the pieces we choose to design and invest in count.

Yes, with pleasure! Designing and manufacturing an environmentally friendly product is something we're super passionate about. The following practices help us ensure we do right by the planet in every aspect possible:

- Only using recycled or sustainable plant-based fabrics, labels, tags and materials that cause the least amount of environmental impact as possible.

- Embracing an ethical, Slow Fashion approach to production.

- Creating a premium quality product designed to last many wears.

- Offsetting any carbon we create in the process (plus extra for good luck).

- Being as transparent as possible about our practices in hopes of inspiring other brands to adopt better behaviours and consumers to support more sustainable brands.

-Doing our part to give back: as 1% for the planet members we donate money to vetted programs and organizations that help restore the environment. In addition we donate a minimum of 1% to social programs that help whatever humanitarian cause is most in need that year. For example, previous recipients have been: Native American Tribes during the Covid pandemic, Black Lives Matter, & the International Rescue Committee to aid with the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

Slow fashion is the movement of designing, creating, and buying garments for quality and longevity. It encourages slower production schedules, fair wages, lower carbon footprints, and (ideally) zero waste. The movement works towards creating an industry that benefits the planet and all people.

For us specifically, it means we really care that our pieces are designed and sourced with sustainability and responsibility woven into them. We only use materials that have the least amount of environmental impact and we focus on durability, so things don't fall apart.

We work tirelessly to curate a collection of timeless pieces in effortless silhouettes, with a color palette designed to mix and match. We do this so they’ll always be something you’ll need, and they won’t go out of style in a year and just take up space in your closet or a landfill.

Excellent question! We have a whole page dedicated to being climate neutral.

Our goal is to create the most amazing product we can – beautiful and timeless design, softest most delicious fabric, durable, not using sweatshops or child labor, practical, sustainable in every aspect possible, comfort factor, etc., etc. - all for the best price we can offer. So, with all those things considered, let's be real: we’re not making the cheapest thing out there. From that starting point, the rest of the process is quite standard. The pricing includes material, labor, and transport costs, and then accounting for a reasonable margin so we can make a little profit and keep delivering you dope stuff. Because our pieces are primarily sold directly to you (as opposed to through retail partners, who add in their own generous (read: mega markup) the prices stay reasonably low in relation to the super high quality of our fabrics and construction.

YES! Everything we make is 100% Vegan and we are PETA-Approved.

Replacing the natural resources we use is very important to us, which is why we have been members of 1% For The Planet since day 1 of business. By belonging to this organization we pledge to donate 1% of our revenue to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment. Because we believe that 1% isn't enough, we formally pledge to donate at least 2% of our annual sales to highly vetted environmental nonprofit organizations and approved nonprofit partners that preserve or restore this planet we all call home.

We work with local artisans in Denpasar (where our studio is) who use a natural process to hand dye our fabrics in small batches. This unique dyeing process can result in occasional irregularities in color, which are not considered damages. Please note some colors may run a little first, so we recommend washing your new pieces with similar colors just in case.

First and foremost, our shipping materials are 100% plastic free. In the interest of the planet, we decided to be as minimalistic as possible, choosing to only use recycled and recyclable plant-based materials. We also decided to omit tissue paper in the interest of less trash because it doesn't serve an essential purpose.

Your order will come in a cardboard box made with 100% recycled, unbleached paper, sealed with eco-friendly water-activated paper tape. These materials are 100% recyclable. They are also compostable (if you shred the box into smaller pieces).

Our hang tags are made with the same 100% recycled unbleached paper. The string is made from pandan leaves which are an abundant, eco friendly & compostable, natural resource here in Bali.

We ask that you compost and/or recycle our packaging when you are finished with it.

YES! We were overjoyed to discover we could still use gold foil for our packaging and it wouldn't affect the recyclability.

The Foil Stamping And Embossing Association (FS&EA) conducted a study into the recycling process of foil printed materials. The study concluded that all paper products are recyclable whether they are printed using hot stamping, cold foiling or digital foil printing. The study also found that none of these printing processes would create problems for other decorating processes making them unsuitable for recycling. The recycling process involves mixing the paper or card products with water to turn it into a pulp. It is then pressed, dried and rolled into new sheets of large thin paper. 

Details of the recycling study are available from the FS&AE website.

As a small company, we always have to weigh up what has the bigger impact when we consider a complex issue. We thought about this long and hard and decided that it was more important that our stickers were durable and lasted forever than it was that they were made with recycled materials. For example: eco friendly paper stickers aren't waterproof and have a short lifespan which in our opinion is less sustainable because they become trash quickly. Which then begs the question: "what's the point", right?

So, we decided to use eggshell graffiti stickers which are designed to literally last an eternity as they are impossible to remove and are completely waterproof. The paper backing (the part you quickly discard after you apply the sticker) is made with glassine paper which is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

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