Ekoluxe Care Instructions


Properly caring for your garments ensures they last longer for you to enjoy them, it keeps waste out of landfills and conserves natural resources. Over-washing creates extra wear & tear on all garments. Sometimes all you need is a good dust off or bit of a spot clean. There are care labels in all of our garments so you can check fabric content and washing instructions but if you have questions or need more info about how to do laundry see below.


*Rest assured, all of our pieces have been preshrunk or are made with a recycled plastik fabric that doesn't shrink.*

WASHING: For all pieces we recommend hand washing or machine washing in cold water with environmentally friendly detergents. PLEASE SEPARATE YOUR COLORS! Our fabrics are hand dyed and can sometimes bleed.

DRYING: For all pieces made with recycled plastic we recommend hanging to dry, for everything else we also recommend hanging to dry OR tumble dry on low - you can tumble dry on hot too, it won't harm the clothes but it's not as nice to the earth.

IRON: Pieces made with 100% Tencel or 100% Organic Cotton can be ironed, we don't recommend ironing anything else we make.

BLEACH: Not recommended but could be used on anything that is bright white in color.

DRY CLEANING: Not necessary! Spend the money you save on something delicious :)

If you have an issue we haven't covered or a unique situation please Contact us!