Lounge Outfit Ideas: How to Style Loungewear


How to style loungewear

Loungewear is an undeniably comfort-forward fashion genre. But that doesn't mean it can’t also look intentional and totally stylish. After all, isn’t there just something so delicious about looking good and feeling confident in your chill moments? The good news is that achieving a comfy-chic outfit versatile enough to last throughout the day doesn’t require sacrificing the comfiest fabrics and silhouettes. You just have to know where to look (and some of our favorite little secrets for how to style loungewear with an effortless je ne sais quoi won’t hurt either).

So here, you’ll find a comfy loungewear style guide for the lazy gals and guys. But it’s also for anyone who wants their comfort to be first on the list as they go about living life. We have collected some of our best advice on styling your loungewear looks for occasions and activities far beyond lounging. Whether you’re chilling, moving, getting stuff done, or even dressing up for an occasion, stylish loungewear can provide peace for the body and mind alike. And keep in mind: the best comfy attire can move you seamlessly between all of these. Just so long as you stay looking and feeling your best in those clothes you just always seem to reach for.

Now, onto lounge outfit ideas curated for several loungewear friendly activities…

a mens loungewear outfit idea

Loungewear Outfit Ideas For Chilling

Maximum comfort is key above everything else when you're lounging at home. The real secret though: high-quality fabrics are essential—they should be breathable, soft to the touch, and have that effect of being enveloped in a cocoon of coziness (you know the one). That said, you’d be surprised how quickly you can level up the vibe of your self care or bed-rot days by feeling hot in your loungewear. Here’s how to style loungewear to feel like a total boss even on your days off…

For a first go to lounge outfit idea, we love a shorts and jacket combo for round-the-house hanging. Something about it makes you want to get some tunes going and silly dance. Add some high socks and it’s almost Risky Business vibes, but then throw on a sneaker, sunglasses, and cap and you’re ready to go out into the real world. And for a different vibe: soft, loose crop tops paired with high waisted pants offers a super flattering silhouette on a range of bodies. For example, the Caracas Cropped Tank matched with the Warsaw Wide Leg Trousers makes for a stylish yet comfortable ensemble. And when the weather cools down, you can swap the tank for a hoodie, getting several lounge sets by mixing-and-matching pieces.

The matching set vibe, by the way, is another great hack for instantly elevating your loungewear game. A color-coordinated bra top and legging combo can create a chic athleisure look. Or swap for sweats and a zip up hoodie to achieve a nostalgic tracksuit vibe. Don’t forget the little details that make a big difference—think soft linings, elastic waistbands, and adjustable drawstrings for that perfect fit.

a woman wearing a lounge outfit

Loungewear Outfit Ideas For Moving

When you’re heading out for a power walk, some yoga, or even something a little sweatier, the right loungewear can come with you. The key here is balancing softness and support. Choose pieces that stay in place and move with you. The Miami Tank Top is perfect for staying cool and agile during a workout. Pair it with the Serengeti Shorts or Madrid 3/4 length shorts for a flexible and supportive outfit.

Our mens swim trunks and joggers are awesome transitional pieces for days between moving and chilling. And ladies definitely check out our bikini, bralette, and crop tops for some chest support. When it comes to workout tops, you might notice yourself gravitating toward a specific cut or silhouette. Note that! Those pieces can become transitional loungewear staples.

As you transition, add like the Halifax Crop Hoodie, or the Hydra Lightweight Hoodie for a cute layer that provides warmth and style between places. For men, a comfortable T-Shirt paired with the Hamburg half zip Hoodie can be ideal for both movement and relaxation. When choosing your active loungewear, look for moisture-wicking fabrics that keep you dry and comfortable, and opt for designs that allow a full range of motion.

woman wearing a black utility jumpsuit from Ekoluxe

Loungewear Outfit Ideas For Gettin’ Stuff Done

Looking fire while you’re running errands, doing chores, or getting some work done can make the whole thing way less grueling. And maybe kinda fun. You know that effortlessly cool person in their loungewear set at the grocery store? We’re here to help you learn how to style loungewear to actually BE that person. Stylish, comfortable clothes that transition from household chores to errands are a wardrobe game-changer.

One amazing lounge outfit idea that is not talked about nearly enough is the beauty of a jumpsuit or romper. It’s such a good hack to styling a super cool fit with as little effort as possible, it’s basically cheating. The Jalisco Womens Utility Jumpsuit is a one-piece wonder that looks dressed up but feels casual and comfortable. Another go-to pick is the Athens Black Casual Jumpsuit, pair it with the a denim jacket and it’s an immediate fit for when you need to leave the house. On hotter days, swap it for a romper version which can also easily be dressed up with the right shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

The same rules apply in terms of sets: matching tops and bottoms in a flattering silhouette immediately make for a cool, effortless errands ‘fit. Experiment with different pieces to find your ideal combination. If you’re looking to have fun with the look, you can always play with adding pops of color in your accessories. For men, consider pairing the Hamburg Half Zip Hoodie with comfortable yet stylish Mens Slim Pants for a look that’s both practical and polished.

womens lounge outfit ideas for an occasion

Loungewear Outfit Ideas For an Occasion

Maybe you weren’t expecting to see this section on a style guide to loungewear outfit ideas… but hear us out, the possibilities are abundant. When you have somewhere to go but want to feel like you’re in PJs, we’re here to tell you that you actually do have options. Feeling good doesn’t always mean dressing to the nines. We love a classy pant or perfect top that secretly also feels soft as butter on the body. With our timeless and seasonless pieces, you can create a look that’s both comfortable and stylish for any occasion.

For women, the Damascus Dress offers a sophisticated look with the comfort of loungewear. Pair it with a cardigan for a cozy yet elegant outfit. Nobody will know just how comfy you feel. Men can opt for the Seoul Shirt and Taipei Trousers for a smart-casual look that feels just as good as it looks. Accessories like the Wrap Ear Cuffs add a gender-fluid touch that complements any outfit. And once again, layering is gonna be your friend as you piece it together—try adding a structured blazer over a soft tee, or a statement necklace to elevate your look.

Transition Pieces: Versatility is Key

One of the best and most easily-overlooked things about loungewear is its ability to transition seamlessly between different activities and occasions. Lounge pieces are central to building a versatile wardrobe with key transitional garments that will end up totally maximizing your outfit options. As you curate a mixable-matchable wardrobe of lounge outfits, here are some staple pieces we recommend checking out.

man wearing a loungewear kimono


These are perfect for adding a stylish layer of warmth over anything. The Konya Kimono can be thrown over any outfit for an instant upgrade. Whether you’re lounging at home, heading to the gym, or running errands, a layer you can toss over your shoulders can make all the difference.

man wearing loungewear shorts

T-Shirts and Tanks: 

A good collection of basic tees and tanks is a must. They can be worn on their own for a casual look or layered under jackets and sweaters for added style and comfort. The Monterrey Tank is a great example of a versatile piece that works in any setting.

a woman wearing loungewear joggers


Comfortable and stylish bottoms are not always the easiest to find, which is why the right pair so quickly becomes a closet go-to. Pieces like the Havana Harem Pants and Jinju joggers are perfect for lounging, working out, or even dressing up with the right accessories.

man wearing a lounge hoodie


One thing we’ve learned about how to style loungewear to make a functional fit is to underestimate the power of a good jacket. Whether it’s a hoodie or an overcoat, outerwear can take your loungewear look to the next level.

a man wearing loungewear playing the guitar


If you aren’t satisfied with your loungewear look, adding accessories can almost always save the day. With the neutral canvas of loungewear pieces like t-shirts and hoodies, your choice can completely change the vibe of your outfit. Try a statement necklace, a stylish hat, or your favorite sneakers to add a personal touch to your outfit.


a woman wearing a lounge outfit

Styling loungewear is all about knowing what you love and what feels like heaven. Whether you’re moving or resting, hanging out or vegging, stylish loungewear can provide peace for the body and mind alike. With Ekoluxe’s mix-and-match pieces, you can create a versatile capsule wardrobe that’s perfect for any season and any occasion. Embrace the comfort, enjoy the style, and make every moment a little more luxurious with us.